Globetek officially started in 1992.

It was an unlikely company in a new era with impressive revenue metrics.

In its first year of operations, it had 8 customers across industries and had clocked in Rs 2 crore in revenue.

Now, 25 years later, a majority of the companies continue to work with Globetek.

That’s because for 20 years prior to 1992, Venkatesh Gurumurthy Rao continuously worked towards setting up a company that dealt with technology and affected large-scale impact. Mrs Lakshmi Venkatesh, wife of Venkatesh G, was a pillar of moral and financial support ever since he set off on this entrepreneurial journey. The following is a glimpse of the reality they shaped together.

The first seeds of Globetek can be traced back to a small manufacturing plant in north-west Bengaluru in the year 1975. At this plant, Mr. Venkatesh manufactured and sold temperature controllers for industrial applications, type foundries, etc. He also designed import substitution items for metro railways and other industrial applications.

Over a period of time, Venkatesh sharpened his skills, became a consultant, solving problems for large companies and institutes alike.

A vast exposure to numerous complex equipment, a passion for science and an enhanced knowledge of system design made him one of the most sought-after technical consultants in India. For instance, he designed life-testing equipment for semiconductor devices used by defense labs. He also accomplished DC high voltage measurement with isolation for the metro project in Kolkata.

In 1992, when India opened its markets, Globetek was primed to reap the fruits of Mr. Venkatesh’s groundwork. The company tapped into its vast network in India and overseas and swiftly closed orders.

Globetek represented foreign manufacturers of test and measurement equipment and sold them to customers in India.

Today, 25 years later, Globetek continues to thrive.

“One big extended family”

We said we are an “unlikely” company. Here’s why:

Much before “workplace culture” became a common term, Globetek had mastered it, so much so that, some of the earliest employees of the company continue to stay with us.

Our founder says, “We are like one big extended family”. An environment of trust, open communication, and respect for work-life balance has empowered employees to continue working with Globetek to take the company ahead in the path of growth.

The company also has an active CSR program that focuses on primary education, skilling, healthcare, and environment. What began as a small exercise, is now a full-blown project that has changed many lives.

Karthik Venkatesh, the son of Mr. Venkatesh is at the forefront of this activity. Keshav Raj Yermal, a key employee, helps lead business development from the forefront.

Under the guidance of his father, Karthik, along with the team, is helping shape the next era of Globetek, tapping newer verticals and opportunities.

The next 25 years:

The first 25 years was about establishing a firm leadership and solidifying our fundamentals. In the next 25, we will build on this, bring more partners on board and also go headfirst into the bleeding edge of technology.

To this end, the company has already started identifying startups and has invested in companies in the healthcare, media and consulting sectors. Going ahead, Globetek will expand on its reach, helping budding entrepreneurs take off with their game-changing ideas.



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