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What’s the benefit of integrating your operations with Vitrek’s HiPot testers?

By KNS Rao

Former Project Director, IRNSS, ISRO


For manufacturers in industries like Consumer Electronics, Power Supply and Inverters – making the right decision about HiPot testers is non-negotiable as it has a direct bearing on product safety and compliance.

As these projects are often complex and long-term, proper planning can save many man hours, and dollars in the future.

Depending on the scale of your project and requirements, different product lines have been designed by Vitrek to simplify your decision making. They are:

Vitrek V7X Series
Vitrek V7X Series

Features: Advanced features such as a high-resolution color touchscreen, programmable test sequences, and extensive data logging capabilities are available in this series.

Benefits: It is ideal for complex testing scenarios in industrial setups as these testers provide precise control and accurate results.

Vitrek 95X Series
Vitrek 95X Series

Features: This series includes ultra-high voltage testers capable of testing up to 200 kV. They come with robust safety features and easy-to-use interfaces.

Benefits: Suitable for industries dealing with high voltage equipment, such as power generation and heavy electrical manufacturing.

Vitrek 98x Series
Vitrek 98x Series

Features: The 98x series offers a combination of HiPot and insulation resistance testing. It is designed for versatility and ease of integration into automated testing environments.

Benefits: Ideal for manufacturers looking for a comprehensive testing solution that can handle multiple types of tests.

You can find more about our testers on our product page:

Now, let’s list down the benefits of how our products can help you in your requirement.

  1. Enhance your Quality Control Processes
    When you integrate models like the V7X or 98x series into quality control workflows, you are leveraging their programmable test sequences and data logging capabilities.The outcome is that you can expect improved product reliability and safety.
  2. Boost your Operational Efficiency
    When you use the automation features of testers like the 98x series to reduce manual intervention and ensure consistent testing, you’re increasing your testing throughput and reducing your labor costs.
  3. Ensure Regulatory Compliance
    When you utilize high-voltage capabilities of the 95X series to meet stringent regulatory standards – you can avoid penalties and ensure products are market-ready.
  4. Facilitate faster Product Innovation
    Using a hipot tester will help you immensely during R&D to test new designs under high voltage conditions. This leads to faster development of high-quality, market-ready products.
Globetek’s strategic Partnership with Vitrek

Globetek has been partnering with Vitrek for over 30 years precisely for the reason that their products have a strong track record with our customers.

Choosing Vitrek means more than just getting a tester. It comes with:

  1. Expert Training and Support: Globetek is Vitrek’s most trusted distributor in India. We provide comprehensive training for effective use for all our customers.
  2. Ongoing Innovation: We give you access to the latest testing solutions.
  3. Customized Solutions: We work with you to understand your requirements and help bring in solutions tailored to specific requirements.
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