Coating Thickness Tester Analyzer

About Coating Thickness Analyzer

A coating thickness tester machine finds applications in various manufacturing as well as R&D industries. Only a few companies in India like ISP produce high-quality coating thickness analyzer machines. Globetek has partnered with ISP to distribute these modern coating thickness tester machines to various industries in India.

The ISP coating thickness analyzers employ the use of Si – Pin diodes to produce unmatched results for testing of thickness over a layer of semiconductors. The critical features of the coating analyser made by ISP include:

  • Collimator: 0.3 collimators with manual/auto changing stages

  • Sample Type: Solid, liquid, powder

  • Safety: 3-point Interlock

The main fields where the ISP coating thickness analyzer finds application include:

  • Manufacturing Industry: The products from the production line of a manufacturing industry are screened for perfection using these coating thickness testers. They can function as a device to keep the low tolerance limit intact.

  • Automobile Industry: The primer, as well as paint coating on a luxury vehicle, is checked with the plating thickness tester to ensure a uniform plating of rust-proofing material.

  • Alloys and Metallurgy: In high-value metal industries like gold and silver, these machines provide a benefit of applying and checking the coating level over a precious item.

Plating Thickness Tester – MultiRay Software Compatibility

ISP couples these plating thickness tester devices with a software to allow intuitive operation over a computer. The software, known as MultiRay helps in the detection of plating thickness at a high resolution. Some of these machines can detect a plating thickness in the order of microns. The software allows the setup of convenient parameters and saves results in either PDF or Excel to provide a comprehensible report.

ISP also provides thickness gauges that can be used to calibrate the plating thickness tester device from time to time. This smart thickness gauge runs on the operating system Android 4.4 and communicates with the operating device via Bluetooth. It also supports unlimited memory to store and compile results for a prolonged use without wear and tear. Contact Globetek customer helpline today to know more about the various ISP products that we distribute.

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