LEM Automotive specializes in developing and manufacturing current transducers for battery management and motor drive applications in cars, buses and trucks. By controlling the current in energy-intensive applications, LEM participates in the global effort to reduce overall energy consumption.

LEM products meet all quality requirements for the automotive industry and comply with RoHS specifications. All our production and development centers are certified with ISO TS 16949 (in Switzerland and in China). Based on our deep knowledge of applications and current measurement technologies, LEM develops both catalog and customized products which can be perfectly tailored to meet your needs in terms of performance, space requirement and cost.

Applications of Industrial Transducers

  • Standard battery monitoring
  • Hybrid and EV battery pack current sensing
  • Fuel cell current control
  • DC/DC converters and AC/DC inverters
  • Hybrid and EV motor inverter drive
  • EPS and X-by-wire applications
  • Electric compressors for air conditioning

In the automotive market, LEM works with all the major car manufacturers and Tier-1 suppliers in the world, and supplies galvanically-isolated electronic transducers that measure electrical parameters in battery-management and motor-control applications. The ever more stringent requirements for energy efficiency and reduced CO2 emissions lead car manufacturers to increasingly depend on on-board electrical components. From electric power-steering and stop-start technologies to on-board navigation and infotainment systems, these components put an additional load on the electrical circuits and particularly the battery, making it essential to control the energy generated and consumed by the various on-board systems. In collaboration with its customers and with the help of powerful simulation techniques, LEM uses the most-appropriate technology (from Hall-cell to fluxgate) to address the specific need of measuring the currents (coulombs) entering and leaving the car’s battery and /or the alternator. This allows an intelligent management of available power that leads to the increased efficiency of today’s internal-combustion engines. More importantly still, the hybrid and electric vehicles entering the market today depend on accurate measurement of battery-pack current to determine the available driving range and recharging strategy. LEM has the technology.

Not only must battery currents be accurately measured in hybrid and electric vehicles, but the electric motors driving the wheels of this new generation of automobiles also need to be precisely controlled to allow smooth operation. Electric motor phase-current sensing has been LEM’s core competency since its beginning and remains today a major application for its technology. LEM has a dedicated product range for measuring phase currents in motors and DC-DC converters essential to all hybrid and electric vehicles.


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