If you are looking for high-tech current transducers, you are at the right place. Globetek is the certified distributor of the LEM Automotive products. LEM is a world-renowned brand with a speciality in making high-tech current transducers for automotive applications. Their current transducers can be used for battery management as well as motor drive applications in all types of small and large vehicles. These devices can help the user control the current in high-energy purposes to reduce the overall energy consumption of the vehicle, thereby increasing its efficiency significantly.

LEM is recognized as one of the world’s foremost automotive components manufacturers with RoHS specifications. Their products fulfil all the global certifications and standards for safety. LEM products are ISO TS 16949 certified in both Switzerland as well as China. The use of highly durable and reliable current measurement materials allows LEM to manufacture customized products for their customers. LEM can personalize their products for mass production based on your needs and constraints focused on performance, space as well as cost.

Applications of Industrial Transducers

Some of the primary applications of the LEM industrial transducers include:

  • Monitoring for standard batteries
  • Controlling the current in hydrogen-based fuel cells
  • Sensing the current in both Hybrid as well as Electric Vehicles
  • Use in Hybrid as well as Electric Vehicle Motor Inverter Drives
  • Controlling the current in DC to DC and AC to DC Inverters
  • Sensing the current in Electrical Conductors made for Air Conditioning Units
  • Use in EPS as well as X-by-wire Applications

LEM has an excellent history of working with the finest automobile manufacturers in the world. They have manufactured high-quality and reliable products for various automobile companies. The Tier-1 status for the supply of automotive parts has enabled them to capture a large segment of the market in a very small period. They have an expertise in supplying galvanically-isolated electronic transducers in the automotive sector, primarily for the use of battery management and motor-control.

LEM’s transducer devices help the automobile manufacturers uplift their quality of construction on the electrical components of the vehicles. With highly energy-efficient transducers, LEM has successfully helped companies reduce their carbon footprint for manufacturing and distribution of vehicles. The transducers can be effectively used to control the current to various electrical components on the vehicle including onboard navigation, infotainment, starter-motor systems, etc.

With an immense focus on creating a sustainable future for the upcoming generations, advising a highly efficient way to utilize electrical power, lies at the core of the company’s principles. LEM combines the state-of-the-art simulation as well as Hall-cell to Fluxgate technologies, to come up with highly-efficient transducer products. LEM transducers can govern the transmission of electrical power from the alternator to the battery as well as from the battery to the electrical devices efficiently.

The effective governance of the electrical power allows LEM products to harness the full potential of the IC engines on the vehicles. This will, in turn, create a sustainable transition from the gasoline-powered vehicles to hybrid vehicles and then to electric vehicles. The LEM transducers can effectively increase the driving range as well as recharge stability of the electric vehicles.

LEM has an expertise in manufacturing components for the electric motor phase-current sensing process. These products can govern the transmission of current from the batteries all the way to the motors effectively. With LEM products, you can ensure a smooth drive and transmission process in your electric vehicle. By measuring phase currents effectively LEM products can help you manage the current transmission process between the battery, alternator, brakes as well as recharge systems in the most effective manner.

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