Current and Voltage Transducers for energy management, process automation and control

Globetek is responsible for the distribution of high-quality current and voltage transducers across India. It has partnered with LEM, one of the world’s leading transducer manufacturing units. The LEM devices fulfil the growing need for process automation and conditioning applications. They can also control as well as measure various electrical conditions used to increase the scalability as well as the reliability of the electrical parameters. The devices can effectively measure all types of DC as well as AC signals. LEM current transducers and voltage transducers for automation also provide the signal conditioning to introduce a new aspect of additional info. The user can then utilize this information to perform tasks quickly and in a reliable manner.


Model Current Rating Input Type Output Type Output Power Supply Case
AT Series 0-150 A AC 50/60 Hz Average 0-5V / 0-10 V Self powered Split Core
4-20 mA Loop powered Split Core
AP Series 0-400 A AC 30... 2kHz Average 0-5V / 0-10 V External +24 VDC DIN Split Core
4-20 mA Loop powered DIN Split Core
APR Series


0-400 A AC 30... 6kHz True RMS 0-5V / 0-10 V External +24 VDC DIN Split Core
4-20 mA Loop powered DIN Split Core
DHR Series 0-1000 A DC & AC 20...6kHz True RMS 0-5V / 0-10 V4-20mA External +24 VDC Solid Core
AHR Series 0-2000 A DC & AC 20...6kHz True RMS 0-5V / 0-10 V 4-20mA External +24 VDC Split Core
DK Series 0-200 A DC - 0-5V/0-10V 0-20mA/ 4-20mA External +24 VDC Solid Core/Split Core
DH Series 0-2000 A DC - 4-20 mA Loop Powered Split Core
HAZ Series 0-20000 A DC & AC 15...3 kHz True RMS 0-10V/0-20mA/4-20mA External ±15VDC Solid Core


The LEM transducers find an application in following user profiles.

  • They can be used in high-tech machines responsible for panel building. The main industries that use this technology include automotive, aerospace as well as civil engineering.
  • The devices can control the electric current and voltage in the electrical dip coating systems of the automotive industry.
  • LEM devices can help you save a lot of money by providing a quick alternative to the conventional current control methods.
  • You can easily setup the devices with quick methods for easy installation and reliability.
  • The devices can also help you save a lot of electrical power using the site energy submetering technologies.
  • Compromising the safety for high productivity is a thing of past. Instead, LEM devices have successfully created a whole new level of safe operation for the protection of the users.
  • The devices find application in smelting furnaces commonly used in the glass manufacturing industries.
  • The civil engineering use of the LEM transducers is in facilities as well as infrastructure management.
  • The LEM devices are extremely lightweight and mostly portable. They can be used for ground fault detection purposes too.
  • You can use the devices are system integrators for engineering purposes.
  • The transducers can provide critical information about the tool status as well as battery health of a portable device.
  • LEM devices can be used for monitoring as well as regulation purposes. You can control various factors in an experimental set up for a controlled environment. Some critical factors that you can control include temperature, pressure torque as well as position. LEM transducers measure the input current from a load to provide a lot of information about the values.
  • If you wish to uplift the quality and standard of safety in your factory, LEM devices are a wise choice.
  • LEM devices support advanced settings on their control panel to provide signal conditioning purpose to your device. They can also condition the various parameters of the circuit like RMS, active energy calculations, specific failure detection, etc. The devices can also be used in conjunction with other PLC and monitoring devices.
  • The LEM devices are extremely responsive and display the change in readings instantaneously. They can detect the high energy load and prevent equipment failure by averting the process.
  • Some important industry-grade application of these devices include:
    • Measuring current in electric drives used for the rotor blade offset in wind power plants.
    • Worm gear drives in the conveyance of materials from one location to another.
    • Temperature control mechanisms such as air-conditioning, heating as well as cooling units.
  • The LEM devices are protected by a cathodic protection current to increase its safety levels by a significant amount.
  • The use of LEM devices in the energy service companies include:
    • Check performance characteristics of electric pumps.
    • Check battery status and maintenance characteristics.
    • Offer high-tech electroplating processes.
    • Check the temperature of electric heaters in injection die moulding machines.
  • You do not have to worry about the reliability of the electroplating processes when it comes to LEM devices. Our solid-state transducer devices can effectively function for several years without any need for maintenance.
  • LEM devices consume very less energy and give an exceptionally high level of output with high resolution for measurement purposes.
  • You can also monitor the DC power supplies on solar panels and other similar devices with the transducers.
  • The intuitiveness of use is the number one reason why our customers prefer the LEM products. The devices function in a contact-less manner. This allows you to switch the device on or offer with a cable. You do not need to install several complex bracket-like structures to hold the unit in place. The contact-less mechanism of working allows you to install the device directly on control panels for operation in harsh environments.
  • The LEM devices feature a split core current transducer function for easy and intuitive operation. You can fit the entire setup in the matter of a couple of hours without the need of shutting down the existing installations.
  • The devices can also be used for process control purposes on automated plants. You can easily supervise the performance characteristics of the linked devices remotely.

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