The LEM high precision product range covers transducers for nominal current measurements from 12.5 A to 25 kA while providing overall accuracies at ambient temperatures (25°C) of only a few PPM. Thermal offset drifts are extremely low from only 0.1 to 6.7PPM/K. Models from 12.5 A to 60 A nominal can be used for PCB mounting, and models from 60 A to 25 kA are for panel or rack mounting with either on-board or separate electronics. In addition the Flux-gate technologies used to provide Galvanic isolation for current measurements of all types of waveforms including AC, DC, mixed signal or complex waveform.

To obtain these exceptional performances, closed loop fluxgate technology has been used, coupled with a top-class current transformer. This combination enables precision current transducers having high accuracy and dynamic performance with a wide measuring range.

Key Features

  • Precision Current transducers
  • Extremely high linearity in current measurement
  • No insertion loses
  • Very high reproducibility
  • Extremely low temperature co-efficient
  • Unsurpassed dynamic range
  • Very wide bandwidth
  • High common mode rejection

Applications of High Precision Transducers

  • Current feedback in high performance power supplies
  • Unsurpassed current stabilized power supplies for medical MRI
  • Current feedback in Gradient amplifiers for medical MRI
  • Reference class for Test and Calibration laboratories
  • DC & AC current measurement for Power Analysis
  • Differential current measurement on DC power lines
  • Motor & Drive testing
  • Precise and high stability inverters, Fuel cells and calibration units.
  • Replacement of high precision shunts
  • Precision Industrial Motor Controls

Type Current Range Technology Power Supply Output Accuracy TA
IT Series 60 - 1000 A Fluxgate IT ±15 V 100...1000mA 0.02...0.0005% 10...+50°C
ITB Series 300 A Fluxgate IT ±15 V 150mA 0.05% -40...+85°C
ITC Series 2000-4000 A Fluxgate IT ±24 V 0.8A...1.6A 0.05% -40...+85°C
ITL Series 400-4000 A Fluxgate IT ±15.. ±24V 0.266...1.6A 0.0087...0.06% 10/-40...+50/70°C
ITN Series 12.5-1000 A Fluxgate IT ±15V 50...667mA 0.05...0.00115% 10...50°C
ITZ Series 600-24000 A Fluxgate IT 230V 1A..3A/10V 0.0003...0.0008% 10...40°C

These transducers are all CE complaint and also conform to EN 61010-1 for safety requirements.


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