Globetek is proud to represent one of the best transducer manufacturers in India. LEM is one of the world’s leading transducer manufacturers. LEM’s products find application in various critical electronic and automotive industries. The high accuracy and precision levels are the number one reason why LEM products are celebrated so highly in the country. The company’s products can measure a current all the way up from 12.5 A to 25 kA easily.

The products provide an excellent accuracy at room temperature (25°C) environments. In case of varying temperatures, the products are very accurate and stay consistent with the varying results so that you can negate the errors via mathematical calculations. The thermal offset of these products varies only 0.1–6.7 PPM for every Kelvin degree change in temperature.

Installing these products in your facility will take only a few hours. The products necessary for measuring 12.5–60 A can easily be used as PCB mounting. On the other hand, the products that measure higher currents, that is, 60 A to 25 kA, can be mounted on panel or racks. You can easily connect these devices with other onboard devices and electronic items. The products are well equipped with the latest flux-gate technologies and galvanic isolation so that it is safe for use. They can measure all types of waveforms including AC, DC, mixed signals as well as complex waveforms.

The flux-gate technology on the products is coupled with a current transformer device to produce an exceptional amount of precision for measurement. All LEM products have an excellent measuring range so that you do not have to use other devices in conjunction with them for measurement purposes.

The top key features of the LEM devices include:

  • Excellent Precision – The devices do not lose their precise and accurate edge under fluctuating scenarios.
  • Low-Temperature Co-Efficient – There is minimal variation in the readings on changing temperatures due to resistance.
  • Noiseless Operation – All devices function at minimal noise levels.
  • Excellent Bandwidth for Measurement and Operation – The 2.5 A to 25 kA measurement range allows it to tackle all kinds of operating scenarios.
  • Top-of-the-Line Dynamic Range – The devices measure AC electricity with ease.
  • High Reproducibility – You do not need to recalibrate the device again and again for reuse.
  • Common Mode Rejection Characteristics – The devices are capable of rejecting the wrong readings all by themselves.

The high-precision transducers from LEM find an application in various industries. Some of these include:

  1. Power Supply Reliability Management – The transducers can accurately measure the units of electricity consumed in heavy commercial industries.
  2. Motor Testing in Automotive Applications – They can test electrical motors and drives in electric vehicles.
  3. Differential Unit Testing in Automotive Industry – The device can calibrate electronically and slip differential units in cars.
  4. DC vs AC Power Testing Scenarios – It can identify the differences between DC and AC electricity.
  5. Testing in Highly Controlled Lab Environments – The high-precision element allows you to check the reliability of current in controlled lab environments.
  6. Precise and high-stability inverters, fuel cells, and calibration units.
  7. Precision industrial motor controls.
  8. Easily Replace Shunt Devices – No need to invest in highly resistant shunt units anymore.
  9. Medical Applications – They can measure and control current supplied to MRI machines.
  10. Reuse in Stabilizer Purposes – The can be used to prevent damage to costly electrical equipment in hospitals as well as heavy industries.

Type Current Range Technology Power Supply Output Accuracy TA
IT Series 60 - 1000 A Fluxgate IT ±15 V 100...1000mA 0.02...0.0005% 10...+50°C
ITB Series 300 A Fluxgate IT ±15 V 150mA 0.05% -40...+85°C
ITC Series 2000-4000 A Fluxgate IT ±24 V 0.8A...1.6A 0.05% -40...+85°C
ITL Series 400-4000 A Fluxgate IT ±15.. ±24V 0.266...1.6A 0.0087...0.06% 10/-40...+50/70°C
ITN Series 12.5-1000 A Fluxgate IT ±15V 50...667mA 0.05...0.00115% 10...50°C
ITZ Series 600-24000 A Fluxgate IT 230V 1A..3A/10V 0.0003...0.0008% 10...40°C

These transducers are all CE complaint and also conform to EN 61010-1 for safety requirements.