In today’s world, efficiency of industrial applications is of increasing importance in order to save energy and money. Industrial applications are controlled by power electronics requiring optimal and accurate regulation of electronic parameters such as current, voltage and power. LEM manufactures a wide range of Industrial Transducers and it uses innovative technologies to ensure the high degree of reliability and safety that our customers require.

Key Features

  • AC/DC, Complex, impulse current and voltage measurement with galvanic isolation.
  • Excellent accuracy and good linearity.
  • Low thermal drift, Very fast response time and Overload Capability.
  • No insertion loses and compact design.
  • PCB mountable, Panel mountable, Through-hole, ASIC, SMD and split core Transducers

Applications of Industrial Transducers

Applications made up of power electronics are following this need to control, regulate and protect at the best with the best components integration. This is also the case for the various applications in power electronics such as:

  • AC, DC and Servo Motor Drives
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
  • Switched Mode Power Supplies (SMPS)
  • Solar Inverters and MPPT
  • Battery Supplied Applications
  • Static Converters and many more
Type Current Range Power Supply Output Accuracy TA Band Width kHz
HO-P Series 6 - 25 A +5V / +3.3V Vref ±0.8V 1.35% -40...+105°C DC..250(-3dB)
HLSR Series 10 - 50 A +5V / +3.3V Vref ±0.8V 1% -40...+105°C DC..240(-3dB)
HO -S Series 50 - 250 A +5V Vref ±0.8V 1.25% - 1% -40...+105°C DC..250(-3dB)
HAS Series 50 - 600 A ±15V ±4V 1% -10...+80°C DC..50(-3dB)
HTA Series 100 - 1000 A ±15V ±4V 1% -25...+85°C DC..50(-3dB)
HAT Series 200 - 1500 A ±15V ±4V 1% -40...+105°C DC..25(-3dB)
LA Series 25 - 200 A ±15V ±25...100mA 1.25% - 0.4% -40...+85°C DC..200(-1dB)
LF Series 200 - 2000 A ±15V ±100...400mA 0.5% - 0.3% -40...+85°C DC..100(-1dB)
LV Series 200 - 1200 A ±15V ±25mA 0.8% -25...+70°C Note 1

Note 1 - See response time in individual data sheet

LEM transducers are CE marked in recognition of their electromagnetic compatibility and compliance to EMC standards. The reference standard is EN50178 to comply with electrical performances and environmental constraints.

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