If you are looking for highly efficient industry-grade transducers you are at the right place. Globetek has partnered with LEM to distribute its high-performance, energy-efficient transducer devices in India. The best features of the LEM transducer devices include the following:

  • Ability to save a lot of money and energy
  • High-resolution for optimal accuracy as well as precision
  • Measurement of various electrical parameters like current, voltage as well as power
  • Use of innovative technology to produce repeatable results
  • The best in class reliability as well as safety
  • Easy measurement for AC as well as DC currents
  • Effectively measure complex sinusoidal waves, impulse current as well as voltage
  • Supported by galvanic isolation to produce highly accurate results
  • Fine readings for accuracy as well as linearity purposes
  • No to little thermal drift allowing you to run the device for longer periods without fail
  • Best in class response time
  • Overload operational characteristics to prevent hazard to life
  • Easily mount the device to a PCB, Panel, through-hole or other similar electronic fixtures
  • Compact design structure for use in tight spaces

Applications of Industrial Transducers

LEM transducers find an application in top industries at a global scale. They are used to control, secure as well as regulate the current and voltage flow to electronic items. The devices work great in conjunction with all existing electronic testing devices to produce exceptional results.

Some places where you can use the transducers effectively include the following:

  • In electronic and hybrid vehicles to control current supply to the motor drives
  • Solar panels as well as inverters to control overload charges
  • UPS devices
  • SMPS devices
  • Static converter as well as battery-controlled devices

The LEM transducer devices are CE certified to ensure that they pass the quality assurance tests. They are also manufactured in accordance with the EMC standards that verify its electromagnetic compatibility at the industrial levels. The devices are environmental friendly and support the EN50178 performance regulations too.

Type Current Range Power Supply Output Accuracy TA Band Width kHz
HO-P Series 6 - 25 A +5V / +3.3V Vref ±0.8V 1.35% -40...+105°C DC..250(-3dB)
HLSR Series 10 - 50 A +5V / +3.3V Vref ±0.8V 1% -40...+105°C DC..240(-3dB)
HO -S Series 50 - 250 A +5V Vref ±0.8V 1.25% - 1% -40...+105°C DC..250(-3dB)
HAS Series 50 - 600 A ±15V ±4V 1% -10...+80°C DC..50(-3dB)
HTA Series 100 - 1000 A ±15V ±4V 1% -25...+85°C DC..50(-3dB)
HAT Series 200 - 1500 A ±15V ±4V 1% -40...+105°C DC..25(-3dB)
LA Series 25 - 200 A ±15V ±25...100mA 1.25% - 0.4% -40...+85°C DC..200(-1dB)
LF Series 200 - 2000 A ±15V ±100...400mA 0.5% - 0.3% -40...+85°C DC..100(-1dB)
LV Series 200 - 1200 A ±15V ±25mA 0.8% -25...+70°C Note 1

Note 1 - See response time in individual data sheet

LEM transducers are CE marked in recognition of their electromagnetic compatibility and compliance to EMC standards. The reference standard is EN50178 to comply with electrical performances and environmental constraints.

For more information about LEM please visit: www.lem.com