Traction transducers find excellent applications in public transport vehicles. The highly efficient units can save a lot of energy in the day-to-day applications. Globetek has partnered with LEM to distribute top of the line transducer devices in bulk. LEM transducers find an application in high-speed trains, wholesome city transit systems as well as various electric and coal powered automotive devices.

LEM devices help you make the most of energy that is imparted by the gasoline-powered vehicles. Their mechanical to electrical energy conversion efficiency puts them at the top of the energy-efficient transducer list. These devices are the first step towards a sustainable future powered by electricity. The devices can also be used to control as well as drive the electrical systems with high mechanical and electrical efficiencies. They are often used in conjunction with high-capacity invertors and converters to stabilize the current supplied to devices.

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Features of LEM Transducers

Some of the key features of the traction transducers by LEM include the following:

  • Effective isolation of the current and voltage components of the electrical power supply. The devices can isolate the current and voltage components instantaneously.
  • The traction transducer can handle and measure an excellent range of voltages all the way from 10 V to 6,400 V.
  • It can measure current in the range 0.1 A to 20000 A.
  • The device supports high modularity.
  • It supports non-contact as well as integrated bus bars chip for measurement of current.
  • You can mount the device with exceptional flexibility. The compact size and number of fixtures available with the device make it very easy for you to mount and dismount it from a vehicle.
  • The device support high-performance application with exceptional accuracy levels.
  • It has the shortest possible response time in the industry today that varies from nanoseconds to microseconds.
Type Current Range Technology Power Supply Output Accuracy TA
LTC Series 350 - 1000 A Closed Loop ±15...24V 100...200mA 0.3% -40...+85°C
LF Series 100 - 2000 A Closed Loop ±12...24V 100...200mA 0.2...0.4% -40...+85°C
DVL Series 50 - 2000 A IDS ±15...24V 50mA 0.5% -40...+85°C
DV Series 1000-4200 V IDS ±15...±24V 50mA 0.3% -40...+85°C

IDS - Insulting Digital Technology

IDS - Insulting Digital Technology

The Application of LEM Traction Transducer Devices

The LEM traction transducer devices find an application in the following important automotive and mechanical sectors.

  • In mining trucks to improve the electrical efficiency for conveyance
  • As a converter device in all major public transportation systems
  • In rolling stock heavy traction devices that are powered by electricity and diesel
  • Sub-station devices to increase mechanical efficiency
  • As energy metering devices in various automobiles
  • As an inverter, converter as well as rectifier in the industrial sectors
  • As a part of the control and safety mechanisms in the automotive sector
  • As auxiliary power units in high-energy applications
  • As circuit breaker devices

You can use the traction transducers as control as well as protection signals in trackside applications. A mass-batch of these devices can be used as a baseline for mining trucks and railway locomotives. They can be used to control the various industrial-grade devices in order to increase their efficiency.

With CE, EMC as well as EN 50155 certification, LEM transducers are the safest and most reliable transducers in the industry today. They support an excellent electromagnetic compatibility as well as high performance and environmental standards.

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