Current sensors

The number of electrical and electronic equipment used in modern-day industries is increasing by the day. It is almost impossible to imagine an industry that works without the use of any electronic equipment. The transducer is an example of one such electronic equipment that is used in testing various operating parameters of an electrical circuit. Globetek has collaborated with LEM, the world’s leading manufacturer of voltage and current sensors, to bring hi-tech testing equipment to India.

Features of LEM Current sensors

LEM current sensors are in an extremely high demand in several Indian industries. These sensors support the following features:

  • Accurate Measurement: The LEM current sensors are known for their uncanny precision and accuracy. Some of the most popular sensors can measure with a mill ampere accuracy.

  • Low Thermal Drift: The low thermal drift feature compensates for rising heat due to resistance. It makes sure that the current sensor does not deflect in accuracy due to rising resistance and temperature.

  • Fast Response Time: These sensors have an excellent response time and do not need calibration before conduction of multiple tests.

  • Mountable Configurations: The sensors are available in various mountable configurations that allow you to mount it to heavy equipment in a comfortable and accessible manner.

  • Fail-safe Capabilities: All sensors are equipped with a fail-safe mechanism to manage high and low voltage electric current without any damage to the equipment.

Applications of LEM Current sensors

Due to the high precision and accuracy, the LEM current sensors find an application in various industries. Some of the places where these sensors are commonly used include:

  • Servomechanical motors

  • Switch mode power supplies

  • Inverter and backup power circuits

  • UPS and other battery-operated tools

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