Our team at Globetek is proud to represent Sugawara in India. Being the official distributor of products from various global companies, we have established our name as one of the most reliable names in the industry today. The company Sugawara is one of the most well-known names in the ball bearing industry today. Their Anderon Meters are used to test the size and quality of ball bearings. Sugawara also manufactures Wavimeters which is used to check the quality of the finished ball bearing products.

The Sugawara products are popular with various industries. World’s top bearing manufacturers use the Sugawara devices to maintain a high standard of inspection at their facilities. However, the Sugawara products are not limited for industrial use. Instead, these products are the first choice of in-house manufacturing units too. Anderon Meters are used by people who want to create precise ball bearings for mechanical linkages.

The Anderon Meters work best when used in conjunction with the complete set of Sugawara Bearing Inspection System. The ideal use case of this system is in highly competitive scenarios where the primary aim of the automobile manufacturer is to reduce the noise output by mechanical components. These Anderon Meters can also be used to control the bearing sizes in home appliances such as air conditioners and extremely high-quality mixer-grinders so that there is a minimal disturbance by noise.

The striking feature of the Sugawara Anderon Meter is its accuracy. With high precision elements, the device can measure up to the accuracy of 0.1 Anderon. Such precise measurements find application in F1 and other competitive motorsports. The Anderon meter can also assess the quality and finish of the ball bearing products with the high-performance spindle to increase its precision levels.

Anderon Meter for ball bearings High-precision measurements of bearing vibrations.

The Anderon meter works in the following way. It rotates the inner ring of the bearing unit at a very high and precise speed. The most common way of taking readings on the device is to run the inner ring at a speed of 1800 revolutions per minute. Then the device used a speed sensor to detect the high-frequency vibrations on the unit to describe the reading as Anderon values.


The primary features of the Sugawara Anderon Meter include the following:

  • Capable of measuring small diameter high-performance bearings
  • Uses high-quality Sugawara speed sensor to describe and record the frequency profile of the ball bearing.
  • Works efficiently on ball bearings of various sizes and shapes. You can effectively increase or decrease the size for measuring the ball bearing revolution speed by changing the arbour on the device.
  • Can be combined with the automated unit to configure an automated system.
  • Compact, space saving design

Anderon Meter Automation Unit

The best part about the Sugawara products is the availability of configuration for modification. You can easily combine various Sugawara products with the Anderon Meter to increase the precision and quality of measurement significantly. One of the most popular products in combination with the Anderon Meter is the parts feeder unit. You can couple the parts feeder with the drive unit on the Anderon Meter to come up with an automated system of measuring hundreds of bearings precisely in a very short period.

Bearing Torque Tester

The bearing torque tester device by Sugawara helps you assess the quality of the finished bearing products. This high-quality testing device can be used to accurately measure the quality, speed of rotation as well as the smoothness of the bearing effectively. The bearing torque tester works in the following way. It rotates the inner ring of the bearing at a constant speed in an attempt to measure the reactive torque of the outer ring effectively. The reactive torque for the outer ring is measured by another high-tech device called the Torque Sensing Pusher.

The output of this device can be seen on the digital screen in real-time to notice any unevenness in the inner or outer surface of the bearing system. Industries use the bearing torque tester device for quality assurance purposes. The automated feed system can be used in conjunction with this tester too to instantly reject the faulty components from the sample set.

Ball Wavimeter

The Ball Wavimeter device on the Sugawara’s bearing inspection system is one of the most critical devices. This device is used to measure the waviness on the surface of the bearing device. In high-performance applications, you cannot risk having an uneven surface on the outer ring of the ball bearing. Working in a similar fashion to the other devices on the system, the Ball Wavimeter rotates the bearing under inspection at a high speed. It tests the limit and heating characteristics of the bearing by rotating it at 1.5 or 2 times the speed it is meant to operate at. The sensor on the Wavimeter device detects the waviness of the surface at a high precision to provide the date of the roundness in vibration per angular speed rating. The device can also cancel out the vibration component of the spindle device to come up with precise readings.

Race Wavimeter

The Race Wavimeter device is one of the most practical devices on the inspection system. It helps the user measure the waviness as well as the roundness of the surface effectively. Using high precision race elements, the device rotates the bearing at a high speed for practical application. The sensor on the Race Wavimeter device rotates the inner and outer ring separately. It then detects the waviness of the surface with extremely high levels of precision. The final readings from the device come out in the form of vibration per angular second. The device is also capable of cancelling out the vibration component of the spindle part of the device.

Vibration Meter

Vibration is one of the most exciting devices in the bearing inspection system. For a bearing to be truly useful, it needs to have minimum external vibrations. Vibrations on the outer ring are essentially waste of energy in huge amounts. The vibration meter consists an auto-stop function that allows you to easily evaluate the levels of vibration on the bearing.

Some of the most important features of the vibration meter device include the following:

  • Accelerometer design to capture the vibration of the devices effectively.
  • Alarm activation mechanism to start as well as stop alarm lamps..
  • You can also choose to connect a monitor to the vibration meter device and see the microscopic vibrations on a graph.

Bearing Testers : Equipment for Calibration

The bearing inspection system needs recalibration after performing a set number of tests every time. This recalibration makes sure that your device is ready for measuring the bearings accurately. The various calibrating equipment on Anderon’s range of products include the following:

  • Velocity Sensor Calibrator

    The velocity sensor calibrator is responsible for controlling the velocity with which the device spins the bearing. The velocity readings serve the purpose of a common denominator for various velocity testing purposes. This device is capable of measuring oscillation as low as 0.1 Andersons. With the ADA-15 standards for measurement, it can also classify all the necessary velocity data as low, medium or high.

  • Synchro Wave Calibrator

    The Synchro Wave calibrator devices take care of the resonance characteristics of the ball bearing product. It makes sure that the bearings rotate out of phase from the natural frequency to produce the minimum amount of vibrations. The calibrations on this device happen in a rotational manner by deriving the pulse from the drive unit and signal from the main unit of the velocity sensor. The device can effectively test all the crests and troughs of the vibrations produced by the bearing.

  • Anderon Oscillator

    The Anderon Oscillator device has a meter indication unit to generate standard signals for measurement. It classifies the 1, 10 and 100 Anderson measurements into low, medium and high bands. The device can show sine-wave signals at oscillating frequencies with velocity sensors are different sensitivities. You can couple the Anderon oscillator with the velocity tester device for a wholesome calibration purpose.

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