Globetek has partnered with Amptec Research to distribute their high-tech products in India. Amptec has played an important role in the development of various industrial-grade testing products. One of the most important products from the Amptec Research is the Failsafe Ohm-Meters. These devices are used in order to manufacture complete turnkey solutions across the globe. Amptec Research can easily design as well as manufacture the products for a bulk order according to your specific requirement.

Amptec Research products live up to the stringent industrial norms. In fact, Amptec Research’s products standardize and often exceed the safety expectation of various industrial product manufacturers. Various defence product manufacturers use Amptec Testers in their products since their products are approved by the Munition safety board.

Some of the most popular products on the Amptec Research catalogue include the following:

  • Water Resistant Tester
  • Failsafe Ohmmeter/Tester
  • Micro Ohmmeter
  • Explosive Safety Igniter Tester
  • Fire and Test Set
  • Igniter Tester
  • Water Resistant Fail-Safe Ohm Meter
  • Ruggedized Igniter Tester

Amptec Research designs and manufactures intrinsically-safe, explosion-proof testers for EEDs, squibs, igniters, etc. These testers are in use at major aerospace and defence labs through the country.

Below are the different testers and meters manufactured by Amptec Research

Amptec 620A-4 Igniter Tester

The Amptec 620A-4 Fail-Safe Ohmmeter is a non-evasive device used to measure the resistance in explosive and hazardous product from a distance. The device passes a small amount of current into the product to check for the resistance, current and voltage readings. After completion of the test, the 4.5 digital DC ohmmeter displays all the results on a digital screen that is part of the device. Popular devices that can be checked with this tester include squibs, airbags, explosive bolts, etc.

Amptec 620LM Explosive Safety EED / Igniter Tester

If you want to check the resistance on automated systems, you need to use the Amptec 620LM Explosive Safety EED / Igniter Tester device for accurate readings. Instead of showing push buttons and power switches on the panel facing you, this device measures all the important resistance parameters using the rear panel. You can connect the device to a computer using a dedicated connector pin that contains an optically isolated RS232C remote control. The connection is powered by OP247 for a break-free operation. This device can effectively measure the resistance in multiples of 2. The device operates in the range all the way from 2.0 Ohm up to 20 Megaohms. It also supports a diode test function to determine the status of the squib device which might be in sync with the diode.

Amptec 620VL Explosive Safety Igniter Tester

The Amptec 620VL Explosive Safety Igniter Tester is powered by a digital screen for easy capture of sensitive and pertinent information. The device can test various important characteristics of the product including voltage, current, as well as resistance. It has a 4.5-digit resolution for effective and accurate measurement of resistance. The device is mainly used to measure the resistance in explosive bridge wires since it supports a range up to 2 Megaohms.

Amptec 620VN Explosive Safety Igniter Tester

The Amptec 620VN Explosive Safety Igniter Tester is a highly versatile device used to measure the resistance in various explosive devices. It has an exceptional range of measurement all the way from up to 20 ohms to 2 megaohms. The decade resistance range feature makes it ideal for products that do not require a lot of precision measurement.

Amptec 620GB Portable Digital Milli-Ohmmeter

Just like the other devices on this list, the Amptec 620GB Portable Digital Milli-Ohmmeter can easily assess the resistance on popular explosive devices. The special feature about this Amptec Research product is that it can also detect the resistance in devices that have a diode in series with the explosive element. The device has in-built safety mechanisms to make sure that the device does not tick off on testing. The device also features an excellent 4.5-digit resolution along with multiple ranges up to 20 megaohms.

Amptec 601ES DMM

If you are looking for a professional device that is approved by the most reputed governmental organizations, your search ends right here. The Amptec 601ES Digital Multi-Meter is approved for safety by both NASA as well as USAF. With credentials from such esteemed organizations, we do not need to vouch for the reliability of this product. This multimeter device can measure voltage, current, as well as resistance. The built-in self-test signal sources and analogue milliammeter on the device can use to check the DMMS stray voltage levels as well as the validity of the current. With an exceptionally high resolution, the Amptec 601ES Digital Multi-Meter is the most reliable multimeter device in the industry today.

Amptec 620A-4R Ruggedized Intrinsically-Safe EED Tester

The 620A-4R Water Resistant Safety Ohmmeter (Igniter Tester) has received a high recommendation from the USAF safety board. With an exceptionally well-designed circuitry, the device can effectively measure the resistance in non-nuclear devices. The device’s safe operation levels prevent it from triggering any explosive charges under test.

Amptec 620BH Fail-Safe Ohmmeter

All the Amptec Research devices are designed to stay inactive and inert while testing the explosive devices. They are equipped with the fail-safe mechanism just like the one on Amptec 620BH Low Resistance Fail Safe. This is a digital fail-safe ohmmeter device that can measure the resistance of an explosive product safely. The device is extremely useful and practical while testing resistance on current sensitive devices like explosive bolts and airbags. It is perfect for indoor testing purposes.

Amptec 620EH Low Resistance EED Tester

One of the most popular devices on the list of Amptec Research products includes the Amptec 620EH Low Resistance Explosive Safety Igniter Tester. This is a highly portable device that is used as a digital ohmmeter in industrial-grade applications. The device is created specifically to perform testing on explosive devices in an extra secure manner. Some popular devices that can be checked by this product include squibs, detonators, warheads, as well as flares. Although portable, people usually prefer using these devices in a controlled environment such as a laboratory.

Amptec 620ES Intrinsically-Safe EED Tester

The Amptec 620ES Intrinsically-Safe EED Tester device is well-known for its low resistance operation. This feature allows it to take readings on multiple devices without interfering directly with the resistance of the device. The device can measure resistance on explosive products like warheads, squibs, igniters, detonators as well as flares.

Amptec 620ESR Ruggedized EED Tester

The Amptec 620ESR Low Resistance Explosive Safety EED/Igniter Tester device comes with a digital fail-safe mechanism for extremely delicate situations. The fail-safe automatically cuts off electric current supply in case of the chance of an explosion. The device has secured extremely high-level of safety certification for covert operations. You can use the device on squibs, detonators as well as warheads without posing any threat to your life.

Amptec 620RK Programmable EED Tester

If you have a lot of testing to be done on multiple devices, check out the Amptec 620RK ohmmeter equipped with the fail-safe mechanisms. The device can run for 24 hours a day without any signs of heating or malfunction, displaying current readings every time.

Amptec 620UK Intrinsically Safe Ohmmeter and EED Tester

If you are looking for portability on the ohmmeter devices, the Amptec 620UK Low Resistance Explosive Safety Ohmmeter/Igniter Tester is your go-to device for the job. This device has received approval for safety ratings from US Navy as well as Defense EEX. The device can function well in highly explosive and volatile situations without setting off the charges.

Amptec 630BN Intrinsically-Safe EED Tester

The Amptec 630BN Igniter Tester device is perfect for use on standard as well as Tomahawk cruise missiles. The device was specifically designed and manufactured for the military ordinance programs. The waterproof nature of the device makes it ideal for use in underwater scenarios.

Amptec 630ES Intrinsically-Safe EED Tester

The Amptec 630ES Intrinsically-Safe EED Tester is manufactured with waterproof components to test explosive products under water. It also contains a digital fail-safe mechanism to ensure that the testing experience does not pose a risk to your life. The device can effectively test explosive products like detonators, flares, squibs as well as igniters.

Amptec 640N Intrinsically-Safe, Ruggedized EED Tester

If you want to conduct the explosiveness test of a device under water, you need to have the Amptec 640N Intrinsically-Safe, Ruggedized EED Tester with you. This device is extremely portable and water-resistant. Some popular devices that can be tested using this product include Tomahawk Cruise Missile Evolved Sea Sparrow Missile rocket motor squibs, detonators as well as flares. This device usually floats in water therefore, you don’t need to hold it in place while conducting the test.

Amptec 640SL Ruggedized Intrinsically-Safe EED Tester

If you are looking for a safe and affordable resistance testing device, Amptec 640SL is the ideal choice. The device has an excellent resolution for measuring resistance all the way from 2 Ohms to 2 Megaohms.

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