The voltage in an electrical circuit is the first parameter that you need to measure to analyse it correctly. Vitrek 4700 Precision High Voltage Meter is one such high voltage testing equipment that is used to measure the voltage in any given circuit with a high level of precision. The equipment is designed ergonomically to make it easy to use. This high voltage testing equipment works on the DSP technology that measures the voltage of AC as well as DC circuits with a high amount of accuracy, resolution as well as repeatability. The device beats the competition by a fair margin due to its portable construction, a higher level of direct and instantaneous voltage measurement as well as sturdy benchtop enclosure.

High Voltage Test Equipment – Description

If you need a high accuracy measurement quickly, the Vitrek 4700 Precision High Voltage Meter should be your first choice. The intuitive interface of the device makes it easy for you to start using it as soon as the installation is finished. One of the striking features of the Vitrek DPS technology is that it can provide an exceptional resolution, stability, accuracy as well as precision while measuring both DC as well as AC voltages. The device performs at par with some of the best HV reference dividers in the market. However, unlike the HV divider, the Vitrek 4700 is responsible for an instant, direct as well as high voltage measurements within seconds. Apart from this, the device is extremely portable, compact as well as rugged to ensure longevity. The device also comes with a benchtop enclosure to protect it against the weather.

The 4700 features a large display that shows important AC and DC voltage measurement related content. The large high-resolution, colored interface of the touchscreen makes it easy for you to take down readings quickly. The instant results feature on the device can produce reliable results after measurement within seconds, not days.

Direct Measurement or HV SmartProbe™

The HV SmartProbe™ on the Vitrek 4700 is one of the most popular devices on our line-up. It can effectively measure voltages that go up to 10KV after the first installation. You don’t need an additional set of probes to measure such high voltages on the 4700. This device is compatible with most of the HV sources in the market. In case you do need to measure higher voltages, you can always use the HV SmartProbe™ to add the functionality.

At Globetek, you can find the high-quality SmartProbe™ in a variety of different models. These include 35KV, 70KV, 100KV, and 150KV SmartProbe™. Using the SmartProbe™ in conjunction with the Vitrek 4700 allows you to store exceptional amounts of data in a small device. Each probe supports the functionality to store its own calibration data for custom settings. This way, you can easily achieve high accuracy as well as precision on dealing with higher voltages. The SmartProbe™ contains proprietary attenuator design too. This ultra-low TC attenuator design allows the SmartProbe™ to prevent excessive self-heating. The device also features capacitance construction technology to enhance its AC measurement performance. You can have two probe inputs on the terminals of the 4700. You can use these probe inputs to increase the measurement range or to make high voltage differential measurements accurately.

Superior Performance by Design

The main aim of the company is to provide consistent results with its high voltage testing equipment for a long period. The places where the device is popularly used by industry leaders include production lines for mass-produced products as well as imaging equipment in hospitals and laboratories.

The Vitrek 4700 has one special feature to enhance its accuracy while taking readings. The device takes over 40,000 different readings every second. These recordings are all filtered, sampled as well as scaled and off-set corrected to provide the most precise results. The device is powered by mathematical algorithms that make sure that it gives error-free results on each cycle. AC measurements follow the true RMS procedure for processing the results for accuracy. On the other hand, DC measurements have off-set scaling settings for stability and reliability over long periods of recording. Apart from this, the 4700 also features the VLF AC readings of a precision up to 0.01 Hz. It also offers peak to peak, crest factor as well as fundamental frequency measurement with accuracy. Available G series probes offer extremely high input impedance options for electrostatic voltmeter applications in high voltage testing equipment.

High Voltage Test Automation

The 4700 device also supports automation of result management with its built-in Ethernet port. You can connect your computer or modem with the device’s high-speed serial communication port or GPIB as per your requirements. Programming the 4700 is extremely easy so that you can get customized results with the measurement. You can select the measurement mode and bandwidth easily. Apart from this, the device also lets you select the number of readings that you wish to take every second. You can also choose to connect the 4700 device with the USB printer port and capture readings in a hard copy format. With this connection, you can easily get colored printouts of the HV plots so that you can easily document sag as well as overshoot results in a hipot test.

Available ISO 17025 Accredited Calibration

The 4700 and probes come with an ISO 17025 accredited calibration certificate with data at no charge. Vitrek is accredited to ISO 17025 by A2LA. Consider Vitrek at the forefront when it comes to your annual calibrations for the 4700 and probes.


  • Calibrates Hipot Testers, HV Power Supplies and Insulation Testers
  • Measures up to 10KV directly and 35, 70 , 100 or 150KV with HV Smartprobes
  • Basic Accuracy – 0.03% DC and 0.1% True RMS AC
  • Color Touch Screen – Makes for Easy Measurement Selection and Display
  • Ethernet, Serial, USB Printer Port all standard, GPIB optional
  • Simultaneous AC & DC Voltage Readings
  • Chart Mode provides Graphic documentation of HV drift, ramp time, overshoot and sag
  • Dual inputs allows Differential or Phase to Phase Voltage Measurement
  • High Speed DSP provides up to 60 filtered readings per second
  • True RMS AC Measurement from 0.01Hz to 600Hz – Covering VLF to Aviation Frequencies
  • AC Noise Rejection 78dB – For Rock Solid, 6 Digit DC Measurements
  • Optional Battery Pack goes up to 11 hours between charges
  • G Series – High Input Impedance Probes for Electrostatic applications
  • CE mark Certified to EN61010
  • Standard ISO 17025 Accredited Calibration comes standard with all 4700 units and probes

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