Power analyzer meters are popularly used in various industrial sectors in manufacturing as well as research and development divisions. The Vitrek PA900 Precision Harmonic Power Analyzer meter is one such equipment that is ergonomically designed to make it easy to use. The affordable pricing of this device allows you to purchase one without worrying too much about the power analyzer price in India. The device can be used as a high-performance measurement device that delivers consistent, multi-channel wideband results with an unprecedented accuracy. This high-performance measurement scheme allows you to measure energy easily even under tough payload conditions.


  • World Class Accuracy & Bandwidth
  • Easy-to-Use Touchscreen Operation
  • All the Data you need at a Price you can Afford
  • The Vitrek PA900 Harmonic Power Analyzer:
  • Precision + Ease of Use = Affordability

Vitrek PA900 Precision Harmonic Power Analyzer Meter at an affordable price in India

The best part about using the Vitrek PA900 Precision Harmonic Power Analyzer meter is its precise measurement scheme. Also, the incorporation of a colourful touchscreen interface at an affordable power analyzer price in India allows the user to ease the mode of operation by a significant amount. Accuracy as well as precision are the two of the strongest pillars on which the device operates. The device performs exceptionally well for the economical power analyzer price in India.

The Vitrek PA900 is one of the only devices that can easily produce over 100 accurate and precise readings every second. In addition, the device is capable enough to support a bandwidth reading of up to 5 MHz waveforms. No other power analyzer at this price in India has a capacity to tackle such a power factor. This power analyzer meter can easily produce results for high power, low phase angles as well as high crest factor loads. The high-performance device can tackle crest factor as high as 30:1 for a power measurement. The device fits squarely in the palm of your hands or if you prefer – at the tip of your finger.

Excellent Resolution and Accuracy for Harsh Power Measurement Applications.

Our Vitrek PA900 is extremely popular in the energy sector. It is helping the design engineers measure the energy input and output for various devices effectively. These readings help the engineers devise methods to increase the overall efficiency of these devices while reducing the power consumption by a significant amount. The PA900 supports excellent resolution for the measurement of energy up to the last mW. Some of the popular devices that can be coupled with the PA900 for energy measurement purposes include:

  • LED and HID Lighting
  • Solar panel
  • Inverters
  • PWM Motor drive systems

The PA900 can measure the energy consumption, efficiency as well as energy outputs for all these devices quickly, accurately and precisely. You can also capture the necessary waveforms of the energy input and output with these devices to get all potential information about the power data for your project.

Here are a few features of the PA900 device that make it so popular amongst experts from the energy sector.

Harmonics Screen

The PA900 device consists of a screen that can show the necessary harmonics data for the waveform under analysis. It can easily display up to 500 harmonics at aviation power frequencies on a single screen so that you can derive plausible results quickly without changing screens again and again.

You can also see a graphical view of the harmonic data under evaluation by setting the charts to the liner, relative liner, logarithmic, or relative logarithmic amplitudes. The completely customizable settings allow you to manage and filter out the data that you require for charting the entire process. You can select up to 8 different harmonics for a numeric display of pertinent data like amplitude and phase too. The harmonic bar of interest setting on the screen allows you to select the harmonic as per your requirement. You can also use the harmonic limits on the screen to show tolerance harmonics which are above the limit line.

Power Data Screen

The power data screen is another one of the striking touch screen features on the PA900. It has several displays under its well-defined selection criteria. You can select the different displays that show A, A, VA, W, VAR, and PF data for different channels. You can see a particular selected channel at a time or can choose to see a group of channels on the Virtual Power Analyzer™ (VPA). You can select to see up to 3 different VPAs on a single PA900 at a time.

With this device, you see much more than just the primary data. With custom settings, you can see peak readings, phase CF as well as other important parameters on the energy charts. You can also control as well as monitor the integrated data results (WHr) from the power data screen with the touch of a button. You can customize the entire data screen to show your own unique set of data for faster recording. You can also build spreadsheets within the device which can be transferred onto your interface or USB drive quickly.

Scope View

The scope view is another one of the most important displays on the PA900 device. It works in a similar fashion as to the digital scope. The scope view provides data on the waveform acquisition for up to 6 signals at a time. You can easily select the different scaling, offset as well as color parameters quickly on the device. Some of the custom settings available for the user include timebase, trigger as well as trigger position. The scope view is known for its excellent amplitude accessories that go as high as up to 0.03% precision.

Cycle View

The cycle view feature of the PA9000 is used to isolate and see a single cycle of voltage as well as current periodic waveforms. It gives you valuable insight on the type of waveform and current that you are dealing with at the time. The waveforms represent 10V square wave in blue as well as 50:1 zoomed in view in the red color. The different colors for view make sure that the user can easily jot down all pertinent data without any errors. You can also choose to set your custom amplitude and scaling for unlimited ability to amplitude zoom. This allows you to see the data in fine detail. The device measures the sampling in an asynchronous manner of high order harmonics so that it can produce an effective sampling rate of over 384MSPS.

Vector Screen

The vector screen on the PA900 is basically a polar chart to display the fundamental voltage and current vectors for a particular channel or VPA. For use on the multi-phase VPAs, the device displays inter-phase voltages as well as non-measured neutral phase vectors. You can choose to enable the display as well as select personalized colors for up to 10 different vectors at a time.

History Screen

Looking at the history of readings on the PA900 device is extremely easy and handy. The device has the capability to maintain a non-stop record for all the non-harmonic measurement results. You can choose your own harmonic results for the recording to take place. The device can easily show up to four different parameters graphically on the history screen. This screen allows you to study the data that the device monitors and records on a reading. The PA900 can effectively store a data of up to 397 days. It also allows you to zoom into a particular aspect of the data as far as 1/64th of the total span. With such resolution for scanning the data, you can easily zoom into the prescribed set with unlimited ability. The screen also features a cursor for each navigation to a specific period on the touchscreen.

Standby Power Screen

The PA900 device also features a standby power screen for display. This feature allows the user to see the power testing of devices in accordance to the EN50564:2011 (replaces IEC62301). You can easily make use of the feature by clicking the STBY POWER button on the touch screen module. With this feature, the device automatically organizes all the important data onto a single screen for viewing it easily. You can also choose to save all your data into a USB drive as an image file. This allows you to use all important data in colored reports for easy monitoring. Some of the important measurement methods in the EN50564:2011 include minimum test time and data logging capability. You can select or deselect on or more data logging features for a comprehensive image. You can easily perform standby power measurements on the configured VPA independently as per your requirements.

Flexible and Modular Design

With the PA900 you get a modular design that provides the necessary performance characteristics at extremely affordable prices. The design allows you to add or remove more components from the device so that you can easily customize your measurement requirements. You can easily hold up to 4 different channels for measuring power in a single PA900 chassis. You can combine all the three different channel types on the chassis for effective monitoring. These three channel cards include:

  • S Type Channel Card: This card is highly affordable and can easily conduct high-performance power measurement with exceptional accuracy. The device features 0.1% accuracy and supports a bandwidth that can handle waveforms of up to 1.25 MHz at a time.
  • A Type Ultra-Precision Channel Card: This card offers a 2-year accuracy rating of up to 0.03% for extremely precise measurements. Just like the S type card is can measure a bandwidth of up to 1.25 MHz at a time.
  • W Type Wideband Channel Card: This card is used in high-intensity measurement applications for waveforms up to 5 MHz. It can provide precise power measurement readings in real-world waveform scenarios with extremely quick waveform speeds.

For flexibility purposes, you can purchase each channel card based on 3 different current input options. You can easily use the D current input options along with the auto-ranging Dual shunt system to deliver precise results. The result resolution can go to a range as precise as 0.1 Micro-amp on 1 A range or up to 20 A RMS on the higher range. For the higher current measurements, you can easily choose the H current input option. This option can measure a range of up to 10-microamps up to 30 A RMS. The additional X input current option is specially designed to provide a compatibility with external shunts and current transducers. The PA900 is compatible with almost all shunts and transducers in the market today. You can easily configure the harmonic power analyzer according to your application’s needs.

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