Stroboscopes are some of the most important testing and measurement equipments used in various industries. This equipment finds use in observation of rotation as well as motion. They are also used in testing of optical circuitry commonly used with computers. Globetek has partnered with Sugawara, the world’s finest stroboscope designer and manufacture as the primary stroboscope supplier in India.

The reason why the stroboscopes manufactured by Sugawara are so popular is the high level of precision involved in themanufacture of xenon flash lamps which is the main component of the device. The use of high-quality stabilizers, capacitors as well as lamps allows these stroboscopes to easily beat its competition in providing reliable results for prolonged testing periods.

Globetek is the leading stroboscope supplied in India and is responsible for distributing a variety of stroboscopes. The company distributes portable as well as large-scale stroboscopes for heavy industrial use. Some of the popular industries that use these devices include printing, iron and steel, textile, etc.

The stroboscopes manufactured by Sugawara are used in digital tachometers, research for acoustic waves, UV curing, flow visualization techniques as well as speed measurement for ballistic research.

Genuine Portable Stroboscopes Supplier in India

The most popular product of the Globetek distribution line of stroboscopes is the MIGHTY STROBE X-1. The lightweight and portable feature of this devices allow experts to use it at different locations for precision testing. Also, the economical stroboscope price in India for this product makes it very popular in the industry. The device weighs less than 1 kilogram making it very easy to carry from place to place. Some of the other critical features offered by this device include a 15 W output, with a high intensity as well as a high luminescence level.


  • Wide Tachometer Reading Range: 30 – 1,20,000 RPM

  • Range for Flash: 2.4 microseconds

  • High Output Energy: 0.3 Joules per degree

  • 3 Different modes of Operation: Tachometer Mode; External Trigger Mode; Internal Trigger Mode

  • Use of High-Quality Flash Lamp: High-brightness Xenon Flash Lamp FX-6SP

  • Small Recharge Time: 2 hours

  • Battery Life: 4 to 5 hours

  • Lightweight: 900 grams

  • Compact Dimensions (L×W×H) 182 x 122 x 294 mm

  • Standard AccessoriesIncluded in the Package: Hand strap, AC Adaptor, Operation manual

Affordable Stroboscope Price in India

Globetek is the leading stroboscope supplier in India forming an exclusive partnership with Sugawara Industries for distribution of stroboscopes for printing work, machine vision, nano-pulse light and flash, high power flash, as well as textile machinery. The company also distributes Xenon flash lamps for stroboscopes. The competitive and economical stroboscope price in India makes Globetek the one and only choice for all genuine Sugawara equipment,