Scanning electron microscope

ISP is one of the leading manufacturers of scanning electron microscopes all over the world. Globetek has partnered with the ISP to sell high-quality SEMs in India for industrial purposes. The company distributes various types of SEMs in India. Some of these include Mini – SEM, SEM as well as TEM. The scanning electron microscope has a considerable advantage over a conventional optical microscope since it can easily offer a higher resolving power as well as increased depth of focus.

Some of the critical features of a conventional Scanning Electron Microscope include:

  • A fine 1-nanometer spatial resolution

  • C to U range of EDS element analysis

  • Effective observation of form as well as figure of the material under observation

  • Compositional analysis using EDS

Mini – SEM

The most popular and affordable SEM that ISP manufactures is the mini – SEM. The size of this scanning electron microscope is relatively small (table-top size). Therefore, it is easy to move it around from one room to another. This device produces accurate scans of the material under observation within 3 minutes.

Some of the places where the Mini -SEM is popular used include:

  • Analysis of microstructure of metals and other similar materials

  • Viewing the semiconductor wafer in electronic industries

  • Analysis of animal as well as plant cells at high resolution in the biomedical industries

The range of mini-SEM products sold by Globetek includes SS-60 series, SS-150 series. You can also choose a normal SEM under the SS – 300 series by ISP.

All the ISP mini – SEM has the capability to generate an innate vacuum environment for easy calibration and accurate results.

EDS Systems

Globetek also sells the EDS Systems (EDAX), which are compatible with all the different mini – SEM models. These EDS systems can be installed to produce faster results in elemental analysis test. The different results produced by the EDS system when coupled with a scanning electron microscopeincluding:

  • Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis

  • Multi-Point Analysis

  • Mapping

  • Line Scan

  • Report Generation

Globetek also provides a delivery and installation with a user-training program along with the product that allows you to harness the full potential of the electron microscope.

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