Direct Contact Temperature Forcing System

With the Temptronic® ThermoSpot systems, you can easily test the temperature of various integrated circuits, including high-Watt emitting devices. The devices are available as a complete collection of benchtop direct contact systems for highly flexible and practical use. The responsive units on these devices contain a thermal probe that is connected to the main device via a flexible umbilical cord. You can directly mate the thermal probe with the necessary IC under test, using an interchangeable ThermoBridgeTM connection. This creates a highly efficient thermally conductive path to quickly induce temperatures to the device, even under power.

You do not require a lot of expertise to use this testing equipment. Instead, you can easily connect the thermal probe to the DUT using the accurate and handy lock-down mechanism.

The testing equipment is currently available in two different models known as DCP-1 and DCP2 to test the ICs between -65 and 200 degree Celsius.

  • The DCP-1 produces a cooling power of 25W at -40 degree Celsius for low power devices.
  • The DCP-2 produces a cooling power of 25W at -55 degree Celsius and 120W for -40 degree Celsius.
  • DUT Interfacing: available for in-circuit and test socket applications
  • You can control the various aspects of the testing device using a touch-screen controller. These controls include user-programmable temperature, graphing as well as data logging.
  • The compact size of the device allows you to use it for testing over as well as under the test bench.
  • The device produces an excellent, quick as well as an accurate transition for temperature on the DUT control.

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