Globetek is India’s most reliable testing product distributor. The company has partnerships with various reputable testing product manufacturers all over the world. Globetek is responsible for the distribution of Vitrek products in India. Vitrek is known for manufacturing products in electrical safety testing applications. Some of the most well-known products of Vitrek come from the 95X series. The 95X series products are powerful, accurate as well as highly fluid and versatile for applications in multiple industries.

The 95X series products from Vitrek contains hipot testers powered by the DSP technologies. Some of the striking features of the 95X series products include:

  • High output power
  • Function capability in AC and DC voltage outputs
  • Low leakage current measurement
  • An excellent dynamic range of up to 100K ohms for resistance testing
  • Use of a 4-wire milli-ohmmeter
  • Overlapping Tera-Ohm class insulation for resistance function
  • 40 Amp ground bond capacity


Vitrek Hipot Testers

Vitrek has single-handedly revolutionized the hipot testing mechanisms in the world. The company has developed new technologies to measure the necessary readings more carefully and precisely than ever before. The 25 years of experience in developing high-tech gadgets is proof that Vitrek is one of the leading hipot tester manufacturers across the globe. The Vitrek products help you with the following advantages:

  • Excellent functionality
  • Higher output voltages
  • Shorter testing period
  • Excellent resolution for precise measurement
  • Vitrek – The Right Choice for Precision and Accuracy

    Just like Globetek, Vitrek does not believe in compromising on the user quality and interface. Therefore, if you want the best of both worlds, that is speed as well as power, Vitrek is the perfect choice for you. The features of the 6.5KVDC models are mentioned below:

    • 50 mA source current for high-resolution DC hipot testing
    • Rapid charging and discharging for DUTs
    • Availability of hipot testers varying from 11KV to 15KV
    • 50 mA source current for high-resolution AC hipot testing
    • Availability of 100mA as well as 200mA source currents for measuring heavier AC loads
    • Generation of voltage up to 10KV to effectively measure high-scale readings
    • The external hipot option for all the 95X models can go up to 30KVAC

    The high-resolution measurement scheme offered by the 95X series products put them above all the competition in the market. The 95X products can effectively deliver a reading with a resolution of up to 100 pico-amps effectively. This high resolution is complemented by the built-in insulation resistance measurement, which then measures readings up to a tera-ohm. The versatility of the 95X products does not end here. You also get a 4-wire milli-ohmmeter along with auto ranging capacities. This further increases the measurement range by adding 100K resolution at 40-Amp ground bond function.

    95X for Hipot Multiple Test Points

    The 95X series hipot testers can help you save a considerable amount of time by controlling multiple readings at the same time. The device derives its readings from up to four different 64 channel HV scanners simultaneously. This multiplies to produce a capacity that measures up to 256 test point in a single attempt. You can also couple the 95X series products with the Vitrek QuickTest Pro device to increase the range of the product further. With this, you can increase the 256 test point limit up to 640 points. The device can also be coupled with a Vitrek 964i product that handles eight different octa-channel switching cards in the voltage ranges 7, 10 as well as 15V. The device can also handle 40-amp ground bond currents for effective measurement purposes.

    Capabilities 951i 952i 953i 954i 955i 957i 959i
    AC Hipot (Max Std Current) (500VA Option) (2KV Max Option) (30KVAC Ext. opt) 20V-6KV 50mA 100mA 200mA 10mA 20V-6KV 50mA – 200mA 10mA 20V-6KV 50mA 100mA 200mA 10mA 20V-6KV 50mA – 200mA 10mA 50V-10KV 30mA – – 10mA 20V-6KV 50mA 100mA 200mA 10mA – – – – –
    DC Hipot / IR (Max Current) (Max IR) 30V-6.5KV 50mA 4T 30V-6.5KV 50mA 4T 50V-11KV 30mA 8T 50V-11KV 30mA 8T 50V-11KV 30mA 8T 100V-15KV 10mA 10T – – –
    40A Ground Bond Yes Yes Yes
    4 Wire Ohmmeter 100µΩ to 149KΩ Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

    Features and Benefits of Using Vitrek Products

    • You can test Solar Panels using the Vitrek products. The 95X series products such as 950i use a very high resolution to measure the defects in a solar panel at pico-amp resolution. The device is manufactured with the PV testing procedure in mind.
    • All the Vitrek products are tested for safety with a certification level EN 61010-1. They are also EMC compliant to the standard EN 61326-1.
    • The 95X devices can easily handle high ramped as well as low dwelled current schemes effectively. The devices can be used to separate the limits of the high and low current so that it requires a minimal number of leakage test limits. This device also increases the ramp time significantly, thereby allowing the user to take several readings in a very small period.
    • Vitrek has always believed in creating a comprehensive environment for data sharing and interpretation. Therefore, the 95X devices can be connected directly to a computer via USB scanner, printer, ethernet, RS232, digital I/O, etc. The devices require a standard interface for high levels of automated testing. You can also purchase a GPIB link for the devices as per your need.
    • The Vitrek devices support a multimode IR feature to increase the application range significantly. The high IR (insulation resistance) range can support a reading value of up to one tera-ohm at a time. The devices also feature three different types of IR test modes like end on time, end on full as well as end on the pass.
    • The devices can easily withstand extremely high AC voltage frequency. They can handle up to 400Hz of frequency on the AC voltage. This feature finds an application in the aviation industry for the analysis of dielectric properties in avionic components.
    • The multidwell functionality on the 95X series products helps the user judge various voltage levels in quick succession. Instead of dropping the values to zero before every reading, the functionality allows the advanced analysis of bulk products for their dielectric properties. You can easily test a relatively large sample space within a couple of days.
    • The 95X series products are extremely lightweight to allow testing over as well as under the bench. The easy power switching functionality on these devices make it highly reliable for bulk operations. The device weighs only 8.2 kg. You do not have to compromise on the quality or functionality of the device for its lightweight features.
    • You can connect the 95X series products with the 964i HV scanners to increase the testing limits of the end products significantly. You can increase the testing capability of the device from 64 points all the way up to 256 points at a time. The devices can also route voltages and currents up to 15KV and 40A, respectively. They can be used for ground bond as well as multipoint hipot testing.
    • The ground bond testing capacity of the device is available in three different models with output current varying all the way from 100mA to 40A RMS. You can also vary the test time to last from 2ms to over 1000 seconds per article.
    • The Vitrek devices do not compromise on the resolution of measurement by providing a fine print of the results. They can measure electric current accurately up to pico-amp for effective leakage measurement. The device focuses on producing accurate and stable IR results.
    • The 95X series devices feature several fixtures for cable purposes. You can set the device on the auto-calibration mode to eliminate any possible fluctuations caused due to lead resistance, fixture capacitance as well as leakage of current.
    • 95X devices feature multiple capacitance test modes for AC as well as DC hipot devices. The tightly regulated charge and discharge rates function extremely well on high-tech devices. You can use the device for a solar panel as well as capacitive load testing.
    • Vitrek devices have a special capability to perform tests with variable IR test voltages. The devices allow you to select a personalize test voltage according to your need. The settings start from 20V and go all the way up to 15KV in DC mode.
    • The Vitrek devices are extremely quick for the comprehensive hipot testing process. The devices are fitted with Dual ColdFire microprocessors to provide a ramp rate of up to 50KV every second. They also feature a dual DSP to reduce the dwell times for the test to 20mS. The device can speed up the entire training process up to 3mS per test in a special mode known as the Flash mode.
    • The arc limit on the 95X series devices is significantly more compared to the other devices in the market. With dual-dimensional broadband arc detection technology, you can effectively utilize your time to set custom amplitude-based limits. You can also use the device in test-specific mode to apply a different setting to each test.
    • Vitrek devices perform at the exceptionally high-power output. They are highly efficient to increase the number of tests significantly. The excellent drive capability on these devices coupled with the 50mA sourcing current resolution performs heavy-duty applications in a flash. The device can also work on 100 as well as 200mA source currents to drive the sourcing requirements.
    • The Vitrek devices come with high-tech memory storage devices that allow us to hold over 100 tests with 100 steps each. With 100,000 steps in its memory, you can always go and check the necessary readings in a flash. You can also transfer the test results to a computer using GPIB, Ethernet, RS232 or digital I/O devices.
    • Vitrek officials have always focussed on the operator safety before anything else. The devices are grounded to earth to prevent short-circuiting. They also feature high-speed shut down mechanisms along with Safety Fault interlock systems to shut down the machine quickly. This feature is complemented with the Test Lead Safety Sense mechanism to add an additional layer of security.
    • The devices also feature clamps on the DUt chassis to verify the proper connection of leads. The HV testing and recessed switch starting features prevent impromptu actuation.
    • The devices also feature a built-in phase angle measurement device. This device is responsible for the measurement for in-phase resistive as well as out-phase reactive leakage currents. You can test the products for capacitive coupling with the phase angle measurement device.
    • With the 4-wire milli-ohmmeter function, you can measure 5-digit resistance values effectively. Ranging all the way from 100 microohms to 100 kiloohms, the accuracy of these devices makes it so popular with our customers.
    • The devices can function on various voltage capabilities. Some commonly available configurations on the device include 6.5KV DC, 10KV, AC, 30KV RMS AC, etc.