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Explosive Safety Igniter Tester

Welcome to Globetek, the exclusive distributor of Amptec products in India. We are excited to showcase the latest in explosive safety igniter testing technology through our partnership with Amptec, a leading manufacturer of high-quality testers for the aerospace, defense, and mining industries.

At Globetek, we are committed to providing our customers with the best possible products and services, and our partnership with Amptec allows us to offer cutting-edge solutions for Bonding safety ohm meters. 

The AMPTEC 620LK bonding milliohmmeter is an affordable, highly accurate, and intrinsically safe electrical bond tester. This meter is capable of performing bond measurements on a variety of components and metal-to-metal connections. The 620LK has been independently UL-913 certified, ensuring quality and safety at each step of manufacturing. Due to its safety certifications and high level of accuracy, the Amptec 620LK meter is the choice bond tester for many commercial airliners, while its sibling the 620UK-B is in countless USAF programs

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At Globetek, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the highest level of support and expertise. Our team of knowledgeable professionals is available to answer any questions you may have about Amptec’s products and services and to help you find the right solutions for your specific needs.

Amptec 620A-4 Igniter Tester

The AMPTEC 620A-4 Fail-Safe Ohmmeter (and the AMPTEC 620A4R Water Resistant version) is a portable, battery powered 4 ½ digit DC Ohmmeter that safely measures electrical resistance for use on a variety of potentially hazardous devices. It has been specifically designed to test squibs, igniters, flares, airbags, explosive bolts, etc.

Amptec 620LM Explosive Safety EED / Igniter Tester

The AMPTEC 620LM Explosive Safety EED / Igniter Tester is for full automated systems use. The product does not have any front panel user push buttons or power switches or measurement terminals. All measurement activity is via the rear panel connections and includes the optically isolated RS232C remote control interface and a dedicated connector fitted OP247 isolated continuous operating power. The ranges on the 620LM are the following: a 2.0 Ohm, 20 Ohm, 2.0 KOhm, 20 Meg Ohm (for open circuit isolation determinations) and diode test function. Diode test is used to safely determine the status of a squib in series with a diode.

Amptec 620GB Portable Digital Milli-Ohmmeter

The AMPTEC 620GB Portable Digital Milli-Ohmmeter is specifically designed for ultra-safe resistance testing on explosive devices (i.e. squibs, igniters, flares, explosive bridge wire and detonators) that also have a diode in series with the explosive element. With 4 ½ digit resolution, and multiple ranges up to 20 Megohms, the AMPTEC 620GB provides ordnance safe resistance measurements for the…

Amptec 601ES DMM

The AMPTEC 601ES Digital Multi-Meter is NASA and USAF range safety approved. Safely measures AC/DC Voltage – 600 V RMS to 0.1 mV RMS, AC/DC Current to 2.0 amperes, DC resistance 2.0 Ohms (0.1 milliohm resolution), 20 Ohms, 200 Ohms, 2.0 KOhms & 20 KOhms, Built-in self test signal sources and built-in analog milliammeter to verify DMMs stray voltage and current measurement integrity and more.

Amptec 620UK Intrinsically Safe Ohmmeter and EED Tester

The Amptec 620UK Low Resistance Explosive Safety Ohmmeter/Igniter Tester is a portable Intrinsically Safe Explosive Safety Digital Ohmmeter. It was specifically designed (and US NAVY and UK Ministry of Defense EEX Approved) for the safe use in Explosive and Volatile Environments to replace the Fairey Mk7 ohmmeter for ultra-safe resistance testing. EX II 2G and EEx-ib-IIc-T4 Download…

Amptec 620ES Intrinsically-Safe EED Tester

The 620ES Intrinsically-Safe EED Tester is a portable digital fail-safe ohmmeter which have been specifically designed for ultra-safe resistance testing on explosive devices (i.e. squibs, igniters, flares, detonators).