At Globetek, we are responsible for the distribution of the world’s finest Thermonics® mechanical gas chillers. Our products can be used for high-performance applications in cryogenic temperatures. These devices can be used mainly for rapid cooling as well as heating. They work best on dry, compressed as well as liquefied gases.

Mechanical Gas Chillers

Our high-tech mechanical gas chillers use clean and dry nitrogen, argon or atmospheric air to fulfil its purpose. They function between the temperature range of -100 to 300 degree Celsius. Our wide range of Thermonics® products functions in the following manner:

Low Temperature Ultra-low Temperature
Temperature Range -45 to +300°C -60 to +300°C -90 to +300°C -100 to +300°C
Air Flow Output * 4 to 10 scfm 5 scfm 4 to 18 scfm 4 to 12 scfm
Refrigeration System Autocascade Autocascade Autocascade Autocascade
*Higher capacity systems available on request.

Our configurable Thermonics® products feature a long range of customizable options. They can function in both open as well as closed loop design architectures. You don’t need liquid carbon dioxide or nitrogen to make the system work. Instead, you can always use atmospheric air, thereby saving a lot of money. The system can efficiently work on atmospheric air, nitrogen as well as argon in their pure states.

With precise temperature control as well as process monitoring systems, you can easily make transitions in the temperature of the chamber by a significant amount. You can connect the system to a laptop/desktop using Ethernet, dry contacts IEEE 488 or RS232/RS485. All Thermonics® products feature a standardized certification option. These certifications include IEC 60601-1, IEC 61601-1, SEMI S2, S8, F47, UL, MET, CE certified and RoHS.

Cryogenic Gas Chillers

The Thermonics® products also include high-tech cryogenic gas chillers that function at extremely low temperatures. These chillers use liquid carbon dioxide as well as nitrogen to function at temperatures as low as -60 degrees or -180 degrees, respectively. The primary use of these cryogenic components is in places where mechanical gar chillers do not function due to their large size and slightly higher temperatures.

Process Chiller Controller:

The Process Chiller Controller device on the Thermonics® range of products has the following features.

  • It can display all the critical information for extraction on a digital LED screen. The information that you can see on the screen includes return and supply temperature as well as pressure.
  • It can communicate with the computer via Ethernet, USB as well as an RS-232 module.
  • It can also display temperature graphing data.
  • You can access the various diagnostic data of the device remotely. Some of the diagnostic data given by the machine includeruntime, valve cycle count, enclosure temperatures as well as ambient display.

Apart from this, the process chiller control device features safety mechanism that warns the user about out-of-range temperature, low reservoir levels and low process flow with an alarm. All the Thermonics® devices are both CE as well as RoHS compliant.

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