The main application of a small electric motor lies in a wide range of products due to its compact size and high power to weight ratio. These small electric motors can help you conserve energy as well as create comfortably compact and convenient mechanical systems. The motors are often found in several home appliances like mixer, blender, garage doors, hair dryers, etc.

These motors are mainly used in automating one or more processes in a factory that deals with the mass production of products. The credit to the recent popularity of small motors goes to the ecological as well as economic benefits that they give to major industries of the 21st Century. Sugawara is one such company that has pioneered in making torque dynamometers at a large scale. The company is one of the leading electric motor testing equipment suppliers.

The main feature of the dynamometers produced by Sugawara includes a noiseless as well as ripple-free mechanical operation. The main belief of the company lies in the fact that the motor characteristics must be measured with accurate load control systems that are suited to the characteristics of the target motors. This belief has successfully secured the support of several clients of the company.

Following are the various products offered by Sugawara Laboratories, a well reputed Electric Motor Testing Equipment Supplier

Motor Torque Testing Systems

An accurate grasp of load characteristics, cogging torque characteristics, and torque ripple characteristics is critical for electric motor performance evaluations. Sugawara Laboratories provides a family of motor torque meter systems designed to measure and evaluate these characteristics.Measurements of load characteristics differ significantly from measurements of cogging torque/torque ripple characteristics. This is why a single type of torque sensor sometimes fails to provide precise measurements of these differing characteristics. Sugawara Laboratories draw on optimal measurement principles and develop measurement elements, including brakes, sensors, control methods, and jigs, ideally suited to the target measurements in question.Apart from this the company also serves as one of the best electric motor testing equipment suppliers at a global scale.

Sugawara Laboratories offers 14 models of Torque Dynamometer with torque rating ranging from 5 mN.m to 100 nN.m and with RPM ranging from 100-40,000rpm. Along with the above-mentionedmodels, Sugawara Laboratories offers a line of Cogging Torque and Torque Ripple Meters with ratings ranging from 0.5mN.m to 200 N.m. Integrated with a controller and a personal computer these models measures the parameters accurately and with consistency.

Motor Torque Testing Systems offered by Sugawara Laboratories are specially designed for small and mid-sized motors.The motor torque testing systems work best with the products from a reliable electric motor testing equipment supplier.

Torque Tester for Stepper Motors

This model of Motor Torque Tester offered by Sugawara Laboratories measures pull-in and pull-out torque of stepper motors. Supersensitive sensor offered by Sugawara Laboratories enables accurate and stable measurement of the micro-stepper motor torque of less than 0.1mN.m. Is succeeded in testing torque of less than 0.002mN.m of extremely small stepper motors.

This model is highly efficient in measuring the torque of stepper motors under various operating conditions. The credit to this accuracy goes to the use of Prony (winding) braking method that allows high-performance testing of these stepper motors. This tester is coupled with a comprehensive software that gives a precision of up to 20N while measuring pull-in and pull-out torque.

Ultra High-Speed Motor Torque Testers

High-speed motors, even ones with low torque and small structures, can produce high output power. They have generated high expectations for efficient energy conversion and energy saving. The EMA-100 and EMM-100M motor torque meters measure the load characteristics of high-speed motors. Sugawara Laboratories or we use a newly developed small-diameter cylindrical brake rotor to tackle the challenge of torque measurement of super high-speed motors running at 300,000 r/min (no load). A newly developed proprietary coupling solved the problem of shaft coupling of high-speed motors.

Hysteresis Brake Units for Motor Testing

High-performance brake unit suitable for use in motor dynamometers, dedicated measuring jigs, etc.The HB series hysteresis brake unit applies a uniform braking force according to the electric current supplied regardless of rotation speed. This compact, easy-to-use high-performance load applying device is used in our systems for the measurement of motor speed and torque characteristics. Combining this testing unit with other products from a reliable electric motor testing unit supplier will give you the confidence to achieve consistent results with each test.

Following characteristics can be found using Sugawara Torque Dynamometers:

  • Speed - Torque Characteristics
  • Pull-in/Pull-out Torque
  • Angle –Torque Characteristics
  • Cogging Torque
  • Torque Ripple


  • Testing Brushless DC Motors
  • High-Speed Motor Development and Performance Evaluations
  • Research and Development of Industrial Motor/Servo Motors
  • Research of high efficiency and energy-saving technology

Other products offered in the line of Motor Testing Systems are

  • Torque and Force Testing of Motors and Actuators
  • Multifunction Torque Testers
  • Motor Testing in Temperature and Humidity Environment
  • Motor Torque Dynamometer
  • Three-Axis Torque Testers of Voice Coil Motors
  • Linear Load Testers
  • Impact Torque Testers

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