With years of experience in the industrial testing equipment manufacturing industry, the Micromanipulator Company is the leading provider of probe stations in the market. The company manufactures is a huge collection of probe stations for varied applications. These devices are ideal for use as wafer testing equipment. The products by the company are usually classified into the following products:

  • Specialty Products
  • Semi-Automation Products
  • Economy Manual Products
  • High-Performance Products
  • General-Purpose Products

The company is also responsible for manufacturing consumable accessories that go hand in hand with these probe stations. Apart from this, they also provide on-site support to help you use the equipment to the best of its capabilities.

General Purpose manual probe stations

Semi-Automatic Probe Stations

Specialty Probe Stations

The specialty probe stations are some of the finest testing tools in the world. The high-tech nature of the devices allows you to use them for above as well as below transient temperature capabilities.

It is very hard for a professional to conduct the first-article testing in a limited time frame. The chip spin testing is usually conducted under extremely complicated scenarios, with deadline pressure from the management as well as customers. The only solution to such a problem is reversing the entire testing module to conduct the in-circuit probing optimized for wafer level testing.

The Micromanipulator model 2210-LS application board compatible probe station is designed to carry out the wafer level testing quickly and accurately. The device can migrate the wafer level probe to the application board easily for accurate testing purposes. Use of application boards for system level probing can significantly expedite identification of root cause.

You can use the 2210-LS device to probe the entire application board above as well as below transient temperatures without any restrictions. The excellent quality of probing device allows you to employ it at a wafer level without any dire consequences. The high-quality device allows you to backtrack and analyze the issues correctly in the application environment. Faster, easier and simpler use case of the 2210-LS device makes it an ideal choice for replacement of the traditional slow devices.