The Micromanipulator Company offers the semiconductor industry one of the most comprehensive range of probe stations on the market. The wide selection is designed to meet the needs of most wafer testing applications. Our quality probe stations come in Specialty, Semi-automatic, High-performance, General-purpose Manual, and Economy Manual models. In addition we have available all of the consumables, accessories and on-site support you require.

General Purpose manual probe stations

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Specialty Probe Stations

The worlds first true system level probe station with above and below ambient temperature capabilites.

Chip spins driven by the results of first-article testing of new chip designs are usually accompanied by extremely high pressure from senior management and customers to find solutions within truncated timeframes. However, application boards used as part of a post tape out test plan are not suitable for in-circuit probing with traditional techniques that have been optimized for the wafer level.

The Micromanipulator model 2210-LS application board compatible probe station has been specifically designed to migrate wafer level probe capability to the system level application board to assist with post tape-out product spins. Use of application boards for system level probing can significantly expedite identification of root cause.

The 2210-LS enables you to probe on your application board at above and below ambient temperatures without limiting your boards ability to exercise your chip and without limiting the probing capability employed at the wafer level. Using the 2210-LS, you can trace and analyze issues that manifest only in the actual end application environment faster, easier, and with less headache than previously possible.


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