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Intest Thermal Solutions - Environmental Test Chamber Manufacturer in India

Intest Thermal solutions is the worlds leading manufacturer of Thermal Chambers and their capability to customize Chambers in unparalleled as compared to any other environmental test chamber manufacturers in India. Globetek has an exclusive partnership with the company for the distribution of these high-quality environmental test chambers. The best part about using the Intest Thermal Temperature Chambers is the added functionality on them to control the temperature within the convection ovens. These ovens can be used to cool as well as heat items quickly. The Intest Temperature Chambers, also known as the environmental test chambers in India, find application in testing as well as conditioning of various irregular shaped items. Since the chambers are carefully lined with heat protection materials, they are ideal for a homogeneous testing that require a low thermal environment.

When compared to thermal platforms, temperature chambers offer the following advantages:

  • Homogeneous, low gradient, environment
  • Large capacity
  • Greater flexibility
  • Less fixturing and holding of DUT
  • Wide temperature ranges available

Globetek is the only certified company in India responsible for the supply of Intest temperature chambers. The portfolio of chambers they offer is wide and diverse than any other temperature chamber manufacturers in India. Their products are available as “benchtop” or “floor standing” models. Many of the smaller sizes can also be configured for rack-mounting. The photos on the following pages show both standard and many specially designed and configured custom temperature chambers.Temperature chambers are heated with electric resistance heaters, have from 1 to 6 blowers for air circulation, and use either cryogenic cooling, refrigeration cooling, or both.

The normal upper-temperature limit of Sigma temperature chambers is 200°C. All refrigeration cooled chambers are limited to a high temperature of 300°C to prevent degradation of the refrigerant. Cryogenic chambers can have limits of 300°, 350°, 400°, or even 500°C. Temperatures higher than 200°C are extra cost options and each involves considerations you should discuss with your Sigma representative or sales engineer. Only a few thermal test chamber manufacturers across the globe produce test chambers with such a high tolerance for heat.

Intest Thermal is one of the few manufacturers who use ultra-high-quality materials to manufacture the test chambers as compared to the standard materials used by other test chamber manufacturers in India.The normal lower design limit for Sigma temperature chambers is –100°C. The type of cooling you select will determine how cold your chamber will go.

  • Single stage refrigeration –30°C to –45°C
  • Dual-stage cascaded refrigeration –55°C to –85°C
  • L–CO2 –65°C (efficient to about –55°C)
  • L–N2 –100°C to –185°C (efficient to about –170°C)

Some of the features possessed by the temperature chambers supplied by Globetek include a wide temperature range that varies from -185 to 500 degrees Celsius, a compact size that occupies a small footprint within the workspace as well as a fast cooling/heating rate of up to 100 degrees Celsius per minute. Apart from this the system also has enough precautions to handle a thermal shock within a single chamber that is commonly used for MIL-STD testing. Choosing the high-quality testing facilities manufactured by the best environmental test chamber manufacturers in India will help you avail all the given features.

The high air flow rate within the chamber allows fast cooling as well as heating for the item placed within. The chamber also promotes fast cycling of materials without the requirement of a large number of gradients. These features allow the machine to produce consistent test results.

You can also control the thermal plates within the environmental test chambers in India with an unprecedented amount of precision. The touchscreen operation feature along with the real-time graphing of results on the TS Series controller from Intest Thermal thermal test chamber manufacturers produces a visually appealing and useful metrics in the blink of an eye. The system also comprises of two different testing modules as well as a DUT control. The revolutionary DUT control mechanism allows you to get the chambers to the desired temperatures quickly.

The main benefit of using a TS controller on an environmental test chamber in India is its level of precision in measuring various parameters while testing the samples for design verification, FA, product verification or quality. The MIL-STD testing is done at commercial specifications allowing you to deliver an industry-ready product in the matter of a few minutes.

Other critical benefits offered by the TS Controller by Intest Thermal test chamber manufacturers include:

  • Active monitoring of test results
  • Inbuilt diagnostic module for machine testing
  • CE approved components
  • Fail-safe mechanism liked with the diagnostic module for uplifting safety standards

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