These precisely controllable temperature platforms from Sigma Systems provide an open work surface with rapid heating and cooling or holding at temperature. Also known as “hot/cold plates”, they are ideal for testing or conditioning low profile items with a flat surface such as RF devices and high density power device testing (IGBTs and MOSFETs).

Our flexible designs provide:

  • Cryogenic and compressor-based refrigeration systems as low as -100°C and up to +250°C and temperature transitions up to 100°C/min
  • Surface areas from 7 to 700 square inches (45 to 4515 square cm) and larger on request
  • Hole patterns for your fixtures
  • Enclosures for your DUT

Sigma's hot cold plates provide exceptional fast ramp rates that can be advantageous in labs and production environments where time is important.  And in today's world where faster tests and production can make the difference between success and failure, Sigma platforms deliver speed.

Sigma Systems has been the leader in industrial hot and cold temperature plates / platforms since we invented the product over 30 years ago.  We use the latest off the shelf technology combined with our proprietary technology and custom made valves to make small, precise, quiet, durable plates for labs and production facilities.  And Sigma's quality is legendary, in continuously operating labs and production facilities where our plates have been for over 30 years, more than 80% of the plates are still in operation... now that's quality.

Sigma provide two types of hot cold temperature plates, Cryogenic and mechanically cooled.  Cryogenic plates provide exceptional fast performance with a lower initial investment.  Mechanically platforms are ideal where fast ramp rates are not required and where extremely long soak times are needed or in environments where the discharge of coolants would not be acceptable, such as in clean rooms.

Sigma's thermal platforms provide a flat, thermally conductive, precisely temperature controllable aluminum surface that is ideal for conditioning and testing devices which have a flat surface for conductive heat transfer.

Cryogenic thermal plate use L–CO2 or L–N2 for very fast cooling and a high density array of serviceable electric resistance heaters is used for heating. Because there is no compressor consuming power in these systems, higher wattage heaters can be used so heating is very fast. Because heat is transferred by conduction, temperature changes are affected in the DUT very quickly. Flat sided devices that are either thin or that have good internal thermal conductivity are perfect candidates for conditioning on a Sigma thermal platform. Sigma thermal platforms allow virtually unimpeded access to the thermally conditioned device while conditioning continues. Easy access and compact size make them ideal for bench top use in labs and production environments.

Sigma cryogenic thermal platforms deliver exceptionally low gradients and high performance. Sigma uses a high density array of ultra linear electric resistance heaters to provide smooth and fast heating. Sigma’s cooling channels are milled directly into the platform to eliminate cross boundary heat exchange issues. Sigma’s proprietary expanding cross section inverted double helix design cryogenic cooling channel provides outstanding cooling efficiency, extremely low gradients, and prevents the formation of dry ice blockages when using L–CO2. The result is accurate, fast, and reliable low gradient tests with minimum cryogenic coolant cost.

Sigma mechanically cooled temperature platforms deliver exceptionally low gradients and reliable performance.  Sigma uses a high density array of ultra linear electric resistance heaters to provide smooth and fast heating.  Sigma's proprietary cooling design delivers the some of fastest cooling transitions available (-14°C per minute) and better.  Sigma provides mechanically cooled plates with single or double compressor (cascade) designs, providing a low operating temperature of –90°C.

Controlling thermal plates with precision

The TS Series Controller from Sigma Systems provides touch-screen operation and real-time graphing, plus two types of control - system and DUT control. The unique DUT Control mode provides a faster method to get your device to temperature.

Whether testing for design verification, FA, quality, or production verification, at MIL-STD or commercial specifications, the TS Controller delivers on throughput and precision.

  • Real-time data and graphing
  • Built-in diagnostics
  • Independent fail safe
  • CE approved

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