Sigma Systems is the pioneer in designing heating and cooling systems for industry-grade purposes. If you want to purchase a device produced by Sigma Systems, in India, Globetek can help you out. We are the proud and official distributors of the best Sigma Systems devices in India.

The most popular use of Sigma Systems devices is in establishing a temperature-controlled environment for clinical purposes. These devices can be used for increasing, decreasing as well as maintaining the temperature of a controlled environment in an open work surface. Their products, often known as hot and cold plates can effectively maintain a set temperature in an open surface environment for testing purposes.

Some popular products that can be tested with the Sigma Systems design include RF devices, MOSFETs, as well as IGBTs. You can essentially use the devices to test products at high-density power levels effectively.

Sigma System devices find application in several purposes mainly due to the flexible design of their products. Some of the critical features that you get with this flexible design include the following:

  1. Easy Fixing Mechanisms: The Sigma Systems devices come with a large array of holes so that you can easily fix the object under test on the flat surface.
  2. Rapid Temperature Transition: Sigma Systems devices are known for their exceptional testing speeds. The device can easily create a temperature variance of up to 100 degrees Celsius per minute.
  3. DUT Enclosures
  4. Large Surface Area: The devices have a surface area that goes all the way from 7 to 700 square inches for testing purposes.

The Sigma hot and cold plate devices are popular in the industry due to their fast ramp-up rates. The devices can create a high-temperature variance within a few minutes so that you can speed up your entire testing process in the laboratory. The Sigma devices can effectively conduct the test within a few hours, which might have taken weeks to process on a conventional hot and cold plate.

With over 30 years of experience in manufacturing hot and cold plates for the testing industry, Sigma has established a reputation for itself. The company is known for manufacturing the highest quality of equipment using the latest gadgets. Accuracy, precision and speed are the core principles that lie behind every device manufactured by Sigma.

The company has gone one-step ahead of its competitors after using proprietary technologies to design and manufacture high-quality devices quickly. The Sigma plates are highly durable and last for several decades. In fact, over 80% of the Sigma devices ever manufactured are still in use!

Some of the most important features of the Sigma platforms include the following:

  • Flat surface made from high-quality aluminum
  • Thermally conductive surface for fast cooling and heating
  • Precise temperature control

Primarily, Sigma has classified its hot and cold plates into two different categories. These include the following:

  • Cryogenically Cooled Plates: These plates are ideal for operations that require a very fast temperature variance.
  • Mechanically Cooled Plates: These plates are ideal for clean room conditions that do not require a temperature spike.

Cryogenic thermal plate use L–CO2 or L–N2 for very fast cooling and a high-density array of serviceable electric resistance heaters is used for heating. Because there is no compressor consuming power in these systems, higher wattage heaters can be used, so heating is very fast. Because heat is transferred by conduction, temperature changes are affected in the DUT very quickly. Flat sided devices that are either thin or that have good internal thermal conductivity are perfect candidates for conditioning on a Sigma thermal platform. Sigma thermal platforms allow virtually unimpeded access to the thermally conditioned device while conditioning continues. Easy access and compact size make them ideal for benchtop use in labs and production environments.

Sigma cryogenic thermal platforms deliver exceptionally low gradients and high performance. Sigma uses a high-density array of ultra linear electric resistance heaters to provide smooth and fast heating. Sigma’s cooling channels are milled directly into the platform to eliminate cross-boundary heat exchange issues. Sigma’s proprietary expanding cross-section inverted double helix design cryogenic cooling channel provides outstanding cooling efficiency, extremely low gradients, and prevents the formation of dry ice blockages when using L–CO2. The result is accurate, fast, and reliable low gradient tests with minimum cryogenic coolant cost.

Sigma mechanically cooled temperature platforms deliver exceptionally low gradients and reliable performance. Sigma uses a high-density array of ultra linear electric resistance heaters to provide smooth and fast heating. Sigma's proprietary cooling design delivers some of the fastest cooling transitions available (-14C per minute) and better. Sigma provides mechanically cooled plates with single or double compressor (cascade) designs, providing a low operating temperature of –90°C.

Highly Precise Thermal Plate Control

If you want a device that can operate at an exceptional level of precision, you are at the right place. The Sigma devices produce an excellent temperature resolution with uncanny precision. One of the most popular devices on the Sigma Systems range of products includes TS Series Controller. This device is equipped with a touchscreen device to help you control the temperature effectively. It provides a real-time graphing feature with the system as well as DUT control modes.

The device can be used for design verification, quality assurance, product verification, etc. purposes due to the following features:

  • Failsafe Mechanism: The failsafe mechanism prevents any potential hazards to the user.
  • CE Approved: Sigma System devices are CE approved for safety and reliability.
  • In-Built Diagnostic as well as Data Monitoring Mechanisms: These devices support in-built diagnostic as well as data control mechanisms for accurate representation of test data.

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