XRF Analyzer

An XRF analyzer finds application in various industries from automobile and aerospace to nanotechnology industry, the XRF analyzer is one of the most critical piece of equipment at any quality lab that provides unmatched results of Plating/Coating thickness measurement, material analysis, RoHS screening and solution analysis. ISP is one of the leading manufacturers of XRF analyzers at a global scale. Globetek has partnered with ISP to supply high-precision XRF analyzers in India and provides complete aftersales support.

Key features of ISP XRF Analyzers

Why ISP make XRF analysers stands at top in market interms of quality and performance?

Benchtop XRF Analyzers:

  • Advanced Detection System: All the XRF analysers models of ISP features a high resolution Silicon Drift Detector (SDD). This helps to detect a thinnest coating even in nanometer level and the composition of light elements like Al, P etc... It also comes with an option of Silicon PiN (Si PiN) detector.
  • Inert X-Ray Tube: These XRF analyzers use an X-ray tube that is manufactured out of inert materials. Inert elements like Molybdenum, Rhodium and Tungusten extend the life of these X-ray tubes by rendering them inactive for a chemical reaction.
  • Programmable Multi-Collimators: As a standard package, ISP XRF instruments features 5+ programmable multicollimators.
  • Multiple Sample Type Support: The user can test solid, liquid, powdered as well as multi element layered samples for coating thickness using this machine.
  • Critical Plating Thickness Measurement: This instruments speccially designed for the analysis of critical coating applications like NiP/Base with Ni and P percentage. This machines also can analyse P content in intermediate NiP layers.
  • RoHS/ Hazardous materials analysis: This XRF can be used for analysis and screening of hazardous materials like Pb, Cd, Br, Cr, Cl, Hg etc… in very trace level (as low as 10 PPM).

Poly Capillary optics:

ISP brings toppest performance XRF technique, I,e poly capillary optics.

With polycapillary optics, what it offers?

1. Fast SDD(silicon drift Detector)
2. High precision Focal spot 45um
3. Thickness range: upto 50 Micron
4. Lowest measurement time: 5 Sec
5. Highest level of performance: upto 6 layers
6. Critical Applications like Connector, PCB ENEPIG, Electrical/Electronic part, Automobile parts and so on.

In-line and Reel to Reel Plating Thickness Analyzer:

Customised XRF analyser which can be intergrated to the electroplating line. The robust iEDX 750T offers a powerful end to end thickness analysis in the production line itself for the PCB inductry.

1. Multipoint automatic measurement.
2. Pass/Fail decision
3. Quick measurement time.
4. Highest level of accuracy.

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