XRF Analyzer

An XRF analyzer finds application in various heavy industries. From automobile and aerospace to nanotechnology industry, the XRF analyzer is one of the most critical pieces of equipment that provides unmatched results. ISP is one the leading manufacturers of XRF analyzers at a global scale. Globetek has partnered with ISP to supply high-precision XRF analyzers in India.

Features of XRF Analyzers

Here are a few features of the XRF analyzers manufactured by ISP:

  • Inert X-Ray Tube: These XRF analyzers use an X-ray tube that is manufactured out of inert materials. Inert elements like Molybdenum and Rhodium extend the life of these X-ray tubes by rendering them inactive for a chemical reaction.

  • Hi-tech Detection System: The use of Si-Pin diodes with a proportional counter or SDD detection system allows the user to obtain a high-resolution result. The hi-tech detection system can be set to measure the coating thickness using either of the two, proportional counter or SSD, methods.

  • High Energy Resolution: All the XRF analyzers manufactured by ISP feature a high-energy resolution ranging from 125 to 149 eV.

  • Multiple Sample Type Support: The user can test solid, liquid, powdered as well as multi-layered samples for coating thickness using this machine.

  • Multiple Element Plating Thickness Measurement: The elements commonly tested in this machine include General, Rh, Pd, Au, Ag, Sn, and Ni.

  • High-Resolution Camera Magnification: The machine features a 40 to 80 times magnification range that allows the user to look for structural defects and plating thickness with a high accuracy.

Application of XRF Analyzers

These XRF analyzers find an application in the following fields of research and development:

  • Product Screening: The XRF analyzers are commonly used for product screening in nanotech and electronic industries where precision matters a lot.

  • Precision Plating: The precision plating of valuable metals such as gold and silver can be easily carried out with the XRF analyzer.

  • Analysis: The analysis of integrated circuit chips as well as other critical microelements is possible with this device.

  • Check for Hazardous Materials: These machines can conduct a comprehensive analysis of the coating for hazardous materials like Cr, Br, Hg, Pb, Cl, Sb, Sn, S.

  • Alloy Plating: The device also finds application in alloy high-level alloy plating industries.


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