Current and Voltage Sensors

GLOBETEK is the Exclusive Representative in India for Products manufactured by LEM SA, Switzerland.

LEM SA is highly specialised Swiss engineering company founded in 1972 leverages more than 4 decades of its experience and is focused on the design, development and production of Current and Voltage transducers.Measurement of various electrical parameters like current, voltage as well as resistance is a big part of electrical engineering. LEM provides high-quality products to fulfil these critical needs of the electrical engineers. The products offered by LEM include current as well as voltage transducers.

These transducers are used in a wide range of applications like drives, welding, traction, high precision conventional and green car businesses, as well as renewable energies and power supplies. Working with the LEM voltage sensors will give you consistently reliable readings for decades to come. LEM only uses the best materials for its wide range of current and voltage sensors that can resist wear and tear for a long period easily.

With higher accuracy and speed, the feedback signal from LEM transducers enables smoother control and energy consumption reduction of many electrical signals.LEM has mastered the use of its core business techniques and used the innate strength in order to generate new opportunities in various electrical sectors. The sales of world-renowned current and voltage sensors have added to the growth of the business in an unprecedented way.

Their core products i.e., current transducers and voltage transducers are used in a broad range of applications.

  • Industrial Transducers
  • High Precision Transducers
  • Traction Transducers
  • Automotive Transducers
  • Energy and Automation Transducers

These Current and Voltage transducers fall broadly into multiple areas of application and are used within general industry, automotive industry, for railway and trackside applications, energy measurement relating to railway on-board applications, energy & automation and in Wi-LEM – wireless sub-metering networks that measure energy consumption. LEM also manufactures high-quality voltage sensors that are used in heavy industrial applications. These voltage sensors have both a high precision as well as accuracy that can sustain a heavy usage for a long period easily.

With a broad portfolio of more than 2500 products, LEM offers a complete range of accurate, reliable and galvanically isolated Transducers for the measurement of currents from 0.25 A to 24000 A and voltages from 10 V to 6400 V in various technologies:

Hall Effect

  • Open Loop Current Transducer
  • Closed Loop Current Transducer
  • Closed Loop Voltage Transducer


  • Closed Loop Fluxgate C Type
  • Closed Loop Fluxgate CAS-CASR- CKSR Type
  • Closed Loop Fluxgate CTSR Type
  • Closed Loop Fluxgate ITC Type
  • Closed Loop Fluxgate IT Type

DV & DVL Type Voltage transducers

DI Type Current transducers


  • RT Type Current Transducers

Prime Current Transducers

Split Core Current transformers

AT & TT type

LEM transducers are designed according to the most demanding international standards (EN50178, EN 50155, EN50124-1, NFF16101, 16102, etc.) and carry CE marking. UL Recognition (UR) is also available on most models. LEM have worldwide ISO 9001, ISO TS 16949 and IRIS (Geneva and Beijing production and design centers) qualification.LEM voltage sensors are made of high-quality heat-resistant materials that have a low hysteresis loss and perform outstandingly over a wide range of temperatures.

We have worldwide ISO 9000 and ISO TS 16949:2002 qualification and offer a 5-year warranty on all of our products.

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