About Us

About Globetek

GLOBETEK represents world-class manufacturers of test and measurement systems in India. For the past 25 years, Globetek has consistently delivered on its promise of providing state-of-the-art solutions for test and measurement needs in India. Founded by Mr G.Venkatesh, an alumnus of the Indian Institute of Science, Globetek represents companies across USA, Europe and Japan.

If you are a manufacturer, .. and want to reach out to the Indian market, you need to only write to us. Our association with partners (or principals, as we’d like to call them) is long-term. We know the good things take time, and we’re here to work together for everyone’s mutual benefit. Some of the companies that Globetek has steadfastly represented over the past two decades are LEM SA, LEMSYS SA of Switzerland. Intest Thermal Solutions, Vitrek, Saunders and Associates of USA and many more satisfied partners across the globe.

In representing your company, we do everything that you would do for your customers and more, in your home country. We,

  1. Find customers,
  2. Complete the sale
  3. Provide high-quality after-sales support.

We ensure that sales and service personnel are trained at your overseas facilities to ensure a high standard of competence in handling customer needs. We also have a dedicated commercial team specializing in cross-border transactions to ensure hassle-free shipping and payment solutions for all the different needs of a diverse clientele.

Our long standing associations with most of our principals over a period of more than two decades is a testament for the professionality of our organization.

We have a credit and performance rating of MSE1 (rating indicates highest credit worthiness in relation to other SME’s )conferred to us by Dun & Bradstreet and SMERA ratings company.


If you need help on testing and measurement needs, we’re only a phone call away. Our partners, provide a diverse range of products in the field of electrical engineering, power electronics and semiconductor testing. Here’s a comprehensive list of the companies we represent and the equipments they specialize in.

  1. LEM SA, Switzerland ‐ Current and Voltage Transducers
  2. Intest Thermal , USA – Temperature forcing systems, Custom Thermal Chambers and Plates, Fluid and Gas Chillers
  3. Sugawara Laboratories, Japan – Stroboscopes, Motor Testing systems and Bearing Inspection Systems
  4. Vitrek Corp, USA – Hi‐pot and Electrical safety testers, Power Analyzers and precision voltage meters
  5. Micromanipulator Inc, USA – Probe Stations
  6. LEMSYS SA, Switzerland – Power Semiconductor test systems
  7. GMC I‐prosys, UK – Current probes and Clamp meters
  8. Amptec Research, USA – Explosive Safety Igniter Testers and Fail Safety Ohmmeters
  9. Saunders and Associates, USA – Crystal Oscillator Production and Test system
  We can be reached on: sales@globetek.in Or call us on: +91 8026771771


  • Chief Executive
    Being a manufacturer of Speciality equipment for the power electronic industry, We get a wide range of challenging enquiries and it is great to have a partner like Globetek who is our first choice in helping us choose the right test equipment needed for our test benches. Their expertise and contacts in sourcing us the much needed test equipment has helped us deliver a wide variety of specialised equipment across diverse industries within the country
    Chief Executive
    Speciality machinery company in Pune
  • Head of Procurement
    Our company’s relationship with Globetek spans more than a decade now and we greatly appreciate the technical competence of their sales team in assisting our design engineers in helping us choose the right components. Their proactive support in supplying us samples for prototyping and their ability to manage large inventories for helping us during both planned and sudden procurements is highly appreciated
    Head of Procurement
    Multinational EMS company
  • Lab Manager
    “We have been using multiple temperature forcing systems at our lab and the response time of the support team at Globetek every time is fantastic and gives us a hassle free experience since we continuously have multiple characterization needs throughout the year”
    Lab Manager
    Semiconductor design company in Bangalore