GLOBETEK represents world-class manufacturers of test and measurement systems in India. For the past 25 years, Globetek has consistently delivered on its promise of providing state-of-the-art solutions for test and measurement needs in India. Founded by Mr G.Venkatesh, an alumnus of the Indian Institute of Science, Globetek represents companies across USA, Europe and Japan.


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IC Sockets & Adapters

Globetek takes pride in being the exclusive distributor of Ironwood sockets in India.

Ironwood Electronics, a world-renowned name in the field of electronic testing, produces high-performance sockets and adapters designed to facilitate the testing of ball grid array (BGA), land grid array (LGA), and other high-performance components.

With a focus on quality, Ironwood Electronics products have been the go-to choice for engineers and researchers across industries, including aerospace, defense, telecommunications, and medical devices. The GHz line of sockets with 6 different contact technologies supports up to 110 GHz bandwidth, >=0.2mm pitch, <=10000 pins, 500K insertions and the smallest footprint in the industry.

At Globetek, we understand the importance of accurate and efficient testing, which is why we are proud to offer our customers the best-in-class testing solutions with Ironwood sockets. Ironwood sockets and adapters offer a wide range of benefits, including ease of use, high reliability, and superior performance, making them a popular choice among professionals in the field. Whether you are working with semiconductor devices, memory modules, or high-speed communication chips, Ironwood sockets are designed to meet your specific testing requirements.

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Our team of experts is always available to assist you in selecting the right product for your testing needs. With our commitment to customer satisfaction, we strive to deliver the best quality and value to our customers with every Ironwood socket we sell. Choose Globetek as your trusted partner in electronic testing, and experience the difference with our Ironwood sockets.


BGA Sockets

Ironwood has the most comprehensive collection of BGA sockets that can be used for prototype application, silicon validation, system development, thermal characterization, burn-in application, functional production test, etc.

Open Top Sockets

Ironwood has the most comprehensive collection of open top BGA and QFN sockets that can be used for qualification application, silicon FIB testing, system development, thermal characterization, burn-in application, etc.

Smart Sockets

Ironwood Electronics extended its high performance socket product line with smart features. Examples include socket insertion counter, temperature display, bluetooth temperature monitoring BGA sockets etc.

QFN/QFP35 Sockets

High-Performance Test Socket for Engineering Development, Characterization, Failure analysis and Manual testing of QFN, QFP, DFN and SOIC Packages.


Giga-snaP™ BGA SMT Adapters (LS/SF)

The Giga-snaP™ line of BGA SMT adapters provide the most reliable interconnect to BGA SMT pads. These patented adapters remain attached through many solder cycles and will not warp as plastic molded parts. They also offer half the insertion force of other SMT adapters.

Surface Mount Package Emulation (SF)

Ironwood has developed the industry’s widest range of interconnection adaptors for SMT device emulation and interconnect. Our Giga-snaP™ BGA SMT Package Emulators provide highest speed, reliability, and lowest insertion force. We offer SMT bases and thru-hole adapters for BGA, PLCC, QFP, and SOIC packages.

Package Converters & Fix Adapters (PC/DC/FX)

Ironwood offers many adapters for converting IC packaging and device pin outs, solving many IC availability and performance issues. They also offer fix adapters to solve layout problems and some known chip deficiencies. Custom, quick turn solutions are our specialty.

Probing and Analysis Adapters (CA/PB/LA)

Ironwood offers probing adapters and logic analyzer adapters for all SMT package types, as well as socket probes for DIP and PLCC. Ironwood is a partner of Keysight and Tektronix. In addition, Ironwood offers adapters to facilitate the use of in-circuit emulators and FPGA development systems.

PLCC Clips & Socket Plugs (PL/CL)

Ironwood offers PLCC adapters that will snap onto the PLCC package or insert into a PLCC socket. These adapters provide reliable access and interconnection to all signals.

Chip Obsolescence Solution

Ironwood has 25+ years of experience in solving chip obsolescence problem. The company can provide complete turn-key solutions for subsystems and IC upgrades that involves design service, component procurement service, component manufacturing, final assembly, X-ray/AOI service, functional/parametric testing and customized packaging.

Water Cooled Solutions

Water-cooled solutions refer to the use of water as a cooling medium to dissipate heat generated by various devices or systems. This technology is commonly used in high-performance computing, industrial machinery, electronics, and even some high-end gaming PCs. Please find our products below:

400 Watt Integrated Radiators

It is important for applications exceeding 300W to be able to dissipate and remove the heat from the device. Fluid based solutions accomplish both. Ironwood is familiar with a wide variety of radiator and pump solutions on the market and can pair the correct solution to any given application. Figure 1 shows one such solution for a 52 x 42mm device, 0.9mm pitch, 300W, and a 80mm x 160mm radiator.

1200 Watt Integrated Radiators

The figure shows a test socket for a BGA6500 device which typically generates power of 1000 watts. Socket is designed with a water block assembly which has a top component that has interfaces for water inlet and outlet. The bottom component has channels for water to flow through all surfaces for heat dissipation. The cycle continues as long as the test is in process and device temperature is maintained below 125 deg C.

1500+ Watt Water Block for Chillers

Many test labs already have cold water or chillers available. For these applications custom water blocks are designed to mate up with the existing system. These independent units can be used inside the socket or sometimes interfaced with TEC (Thermo Electric Cooler) for improving cooling efficiency. Figure 3 shows a solution for a 90mm x 80mm device on a 0.9mm pitch, with an independent force controlled water block. The water block is rated for 1500W, thermal resistance of 0.03 C/W, and a 1.2 psi pressure drop.

CFD Simulation Capabilities

Ironwood has decades of experience integrating thermal requirements into both socket and adapter designs. Any new thermal design goes through extensive simulations utilizing the requirements of the application.

Thermal simulation capabilities:

  • Natural convection heatsinks
  • Forced convection heat sink + fans
  • Heat pipes
  • Cold plates
  • Water blocks for radiators
  • Water blocks for chillers
  • TEC based systems