GLOBETEK represents world-class manufacturers of test and measurement systems in India. For the past 25 years, Globetek has consistently delivered on its promise of providing state-of-the-art solutions for test and measurement needs in India. Founded by Mr G.Venkatesh, an alumnus of the Indian Institute of Science, Globetek represents companies across USA, Europe and Japan.


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Temperature Forcing Systems

Creating an environment where you can control the temperature, pressure, as well as humidity of the air, is critical in most experiments. Special devices like the ones from Temptronic’s can help you create a controlled environment for your lab work easily. Globetek is the proud distributor of Temptronic’s ThermoStream products that help you control the environment of a closed chamber.

Temptronic’s devices are highly portable and can help you generate fresh, clean as well as dry air for testing purposes. The air from these devices can be used for temperature testing as well as conditioning of electronic items like ICs, MEMS, transceivers, etc. With precise control modules, you can easily control the temperature of the closed chambers with exceptional precision levels.

For the last three decades Globetek has been providing state-of-the-art temperature forcing and test systems for semiconductor characterization by partnering with the global leader Intest Thermal Solutions of USA.

Intest Thermal’s Temptronic ThermoStreams are portable systems that deliver clean dry air for precision temperature testing or conditioning of electronics (ICs, MEMS, transceivers, or circuits) and materials. No other systems can bring your test subjects to temperature faster with precise control.

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With rapid thermal cycling or long saturation at a precise temperature, these systems optimize throughput for characterization, verification, thermal shock or failure analysis applications – at the test bench or on the production floor.

New product Launch : Eco-Friendly Temperature Test System

The ECO 710 is an environmentally friendly Temptronic® ThermoStream® temperature forcing system that uses less energy with ECO series thermal test system very low audible noise with a temperature range of -80 to +225°C.

  • No LN2 or LCO2 required
  • -100 to +300°C
  • Programmable transitions, up to 15°C/sec
  • 1.0°C accuracy
  • Extended reach for easy DUT access
  • Integrated purging system prevents moisture buildup on the DUT

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