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Current & Voltage Sensors

GLOBETEK is the Exclusive Representative in India for Products manufactured by LEM SA, Switzerland.

LEM is highly specialised Swiss engineering company founded in 1972 leverages more than 4 decades of its experience and is focused on the design, development and production of Current and Voltage transducers. LEM is a focused manufacturer and global market leader in producing high-quality transducers for measuring electrical parameters.

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Its core products – current and voltage sensors – are used in a broad range of applications in drives, welding, traction, high precision, Smart-Grid, conventional and green car businesses as well as renewable energies and power supplies. Working with the LEM sensors will give you consistently reliable readings for decades to come. LEM only uses the best materials for its wide range of current and voltage sensors that can resist wear and tear for a long period easily.

Leading the world in electrical measurement, LEM engineers the best solutions in energy and mobility, ensuring that customers’ solutions are optimized, reliable and safe. LEM develop and recruit the best global talent, working at the forefront of mega trends such as renewable energy, mobility, automation and digitization. With innovative electrical solutions, they are helping our customers and society accelerate the transition to a sustainable future. Also, these transducers are known to control the energy consumption smoothly for all types of electric signals. LEM has mastered the use of its core business techniques and used the innate strength in order to generate new opportunities in various electrical sectors. The sales of world-renowned current and voltage sensors have added to the growth of the business in an unprecedented way.

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A wide range of applications

LEM has the strongest brand recognition in the markets it covers and its products are used in a broad range of applications. Starting with products for locomotives in the seventies, LEM expanded into a vast area of industrial applications, including the following:

  • Variable speed drives for motors
  • Power supplies for industrial applications
  • AC/DC converters
  • Uninterrupted power supply systems for computers
  • New innovative energy applications (microturbines, wind and solar power generation)
  • Automotive applications (battery management, start/stop applications for conventional cars and electrical motor controls, battery pack management and embedded chargers for green cars)

All these applications show LEM’s ability to adapt to rapidly changing industrial trends, such as miniaturization, higher performance levels and a greater degree of application, integration and complexity.

LEM’s strategy is to increase its technology leadership, efficiency and production flexibility. At the same time, LEM is committed to maintaining customer focus and operational excellence by running cost-effective and service-oriented production platforms.

The LEM current and voltage transducers find applications in various segments.

  • Industry
  • Traction
  • Smart Grid
  • Automation
  • High Precision
  • Automotive

Some of the popular large-scale industries where we supply the LEM products include general, automotive, railway and as well as energy measurement sectors. The transducers are also used in high-level applications with relation to the railway on-board, energy and automation purposes. They are also used in Wi-LEM – wireless sub-metering networks to measure the energy consumption effectively. LEM also manufactures high-quality voltage sensors that are used in heavy industrial applications. These voltage sensors have both a high precision as well as accuracy that can sustain a heavy usage for a long period easily.

The LEM range of products contains over 2500 different products serving the needs of multiple industries. LEM is known to manufacture transducers that are reliable, galvanically isolated and highly accurate. These devices can measure current as well as voltages with high precision. The current measurement range goes from 0.25A to 24000A whereas the voltage measurement range goes from 10V to 6400V.

The transducers use the following technologies:

Hall Effect

  • Open Loop Current Transducer
  • Closed Loop Current Transducer
  • Closed Loop Voltage Transducer



The best part about LEM transducers is they follow the strictest international standards for manufacturing transducers.

The transducers also carry the CE marking to denote the high levels of precision and accuracy while manufacturing the product. LEM transducers also bag the UL Recognition (UR) for most of its products. LEM sensors are made of high-quality heat-resistant materials that have a low hysteresis loss and perform outstandingly over a wide range of temperatures.

Globetek extends the warranty supplied by LEM to all its customers. With the LEM products, you can get a worldwide ISO 9000 and ISO TS16494:2000 qualification along with a long 5-year period of warranty.

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