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Vitrek - Leading Hipot Tester kit Manufacturer in India

Vitrek is one of the leading manufacturers of electrical testing equipment at a global scale. With Globetek, you can buy high-quality Vitrek testing equipment at extremely affordable prices. These products are ideal for various precision-centric industries. The Vitrek V7X Hipot Test Kit, for example, is one of the most popular products of the Vitrek line-up of testing products. This device finds application in assess the safety of electrical circuits. The critical features of Hipot Test Kit include:

  • Colour LCD touch screen for easy navigation
  • Low price to performance ratio
  • The use of DSP technology in high-speed applications
  • High precision and accuracy
  • Reliability and safety for the user

Globetek presents to you 6 different affordable models of the Hipot test kit in India. The range provided is bigger than any other Hipot tester manufacturer in India. You can also avail warranty and calibration on purchasing this Hipot testing equipment from Globetek.

V7X-RearVitrek has an experience of more than 25 years in the field of making electrical testing equipment for industrial purposes. Globetek’s association with Vitrek is since the year 1992 and we have more experience in this field than any other Hipot tester manufacturer in India because we have spent decades uplifting the safety standards of the Hipot testing kits. The company successfully manufactured a 4-in-1 safety tester in the year 1990. Since then, the company has revised the design multiple times to increase the reliability as well as safety levels of the Hipot testing equipment.

Critical Features of the V7X Hipot Test Equipment

Affordable Pricing: Globetek has partnered with Vitrek to exclusively bring these testing kits to India industries at a very affordable price.

Ease-of-Use: The navigation system is coupled with a touchscreen interface to ease the entire use of the testing equipment.

High Efficiency: The efficiency of the instrument to be used continuously on manufacturing lines beats any other manufacturer of Hipot testing kits in India since it has worked over the past couple of years in increasing the reliability, design aesthetics as well as the portability of the machine.

Hipot Switching: The V75 model of Hipot testing kit is equipped with a Hipot switching mechanism to ease the overall use and increase the speed of testing. The high-voltage Hipot switching is supported by 16 channels for quick and efficient switching. The device can easily measure the very small level of resistance in a circuit.

Wanting to buy Hipot testing equipment from the best Hipot tester manufacturer in India? Globetek is your best partner for the same.

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