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Industrial Transducers: Application & Products

If you are looking for highly efficient industry-grade transducers you are at the right place. Globetek has partnered with LEM to distribute its high-performance, energy-efficient transducer devices in India. The best features of the LEM transducer devices include the following:

  • Ability to save a lot of money and energy
  • High-resolution for optimal accuracy as well as precision
  • Measurement of various electrical parameters like current, voltage as well as power
  • Use of innovative technology to produce repeatable results
  • The best in class reliability as well as safety
  • Easy measurement for AC as well as DC currents
  • Effectively measure complex sinusoidal waves, impulse current as well as voltage
  • Supported by galvanic isolation to produce highly accurate results
  • Fine readings for accuracy as well as linearity purposes
  • No to little thermal drift allowing you to run the device for longer periods without fail
  • Best in class response time
  • Overload operational characteristics to prevent hazard to life
  • Easily mount the device to a PCB, Panel, through-hole or other similar electronic fixtures
  • Compact design structure for use in tight spaces
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Applications of Industrial Transducers

LEM transducers find an application in top industries at a global scale. They are used to control, secure as well as regulate the current and voltage flow to electronic items. The devices work great in conjunction with all existing electronic testing devices to produce exceptional results.


Without being aware of it, people probably walk by and even use several LEM transducers each day. Transducers are present in elevators, forklifts, machines tools, printing machines and in all equipment using industrial drives on motors for efficient control, regulation, energy saving and comfort. Drives control requires reliable and accurate current measurement to enable engineers to develop systems with isolated current measurement directly on the motor phases.

Main Applications for Drives

The transducer is used to measure the constantly varying current in order to feedback for control purposes. This leads to an accurate adjustment of equipment operation. With a machine tool, the current flow increases abruptly when the tool starts working on the part to be machined. The better and faster the feedback signal, the smoother the control of equipment information.

Typical Applications for Drives Transducers

  • Lifts
  • White goods
  • Wheel Chairs
  • Electric door opening systems
  • Pumps
  • Machine tools (Printing paper, textile, plastic)…
  • Escalators
  • Cranes
  • Forklifts
  • Robots
  • Steel Mills


Products for Drives

Renewable Energies

LEM transducers, specifically designed for renewable power systems, control the flow and waveform of energy sent to the grid from renewable energy systems. They measure the current to help the windmills, solar, photovoltaic or any kind of installations to work at their maximum efficiency.

Main Applications for Renewable Energies

Smart and efficient use of renewable energies

The use of power electronics is a must to drive and control energy from the renewable sources in the most energy efficient way. Modern systems require precise coordination between the power semiconductors, the system controller, mechanics and the feedback sensors. Transducers provide the necessary information from the load to fulfil that function.

Typical Applications for Renewable Energies

  • Solar
  • Hydroelectric
  • Geothermal power
  • Windmills
  • Fuel cells
  • Tidal energy


Products for Renewable Energy

Power Supplies

Cyber Security Data Centre Interconnection

Power supply based applications using devices made up of power electronics (chargers, DC links, batteries, inverters and/or rectifiers) all require efficient current control, monitoring, regulation and protection. This is necessary to ensure their integrity and normal functioning. LEM transducers ensure: stable power supply accurate currents conversions depending on the various stages timely information in case of corrections or potential switching quick reactions in the event of emergency and failure.

Main Applications for Power Supplies

Transducers are paramount to an efficient and operational grid.


In many applications, the voltage from the grid is too high or has to be converted to DC voltage or to a different AC waveform. It is therefore transformed by modern power electronics. A transducer measures the output current to ensure stable power supply.


Power supply is critical for the effective function of applications such as cell phones base stations or hospitals security systems who must always remain operational. In case of failure (short circuit, unexpected connection to earth, etc.) or fault in the grid interrupting the power, batteries or Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) temporarily provide emergency power. Transducers are used to control the charge and discharge of these batteries as well as the switch to the batteries and UPS.

Typical Applications for Power Supplies

  • UPS: Uninterruptible Power Supplies
  • Telecom power supplies
  • Lighting power controller
  • SMPS: Switched Mode Power Supplies
  • Airport lighting power supplies
  • Battery chargers


Products for Power Supplies

Switched Mode Power Supplies (Smps)


For a welding process to be successful, the 2 parts to be welded must be exposed to an intense heating source usually created with an electrical arc which temperature can reach up to 3000°C. The quality of the welding depends, among others, on a high control of this electrical arc and of the electrical current used to produce it. LEM transducers measure this current, contributing to the control and good function of the welding application.

Typical Applications for Welding

  • Power supplies for welding
  • Plasma cutting
  • Inductive heating
  • Power supplies for plasma welding
  • Electrolysis

Plasma Arc Welding: Control & Accuracy

The plasma arc welding process was introduced to better control the arc welding process in lower current ranges. Plasma enables an advanced level of control and accuracy in order to:

  • Produce high quality welds in miniature or high-precision applications
  • Increases electrodes’ life for high-production requirements

Plasma arc welding requires high current levels anywhere between 100 and 600 ampere. Depending on the type of material used and object welded, a specific current profile must also be maintained to ensure a high-quality weld. This is the role of LEM’s transducers. They measure and control precisely the level of current that is used to heat the plasma, ensuring a strong and lasting weld.

Laser Cutting


Products for Welding

Power Supply For Welding Applications


Certificates and standards
Compliance with the highest industry standards

LEM products and processes comply with reference standards in the industry:

  • CE marking of LEM transducers in recognition of their electromagnetic compatibility
  • IEC standards for solar applications:
  • IEC 62109-1 for safety
  • IEC 61800-1 & IEC 61800-2 for climatic and mechanical constraints
  • IEC 61800-3 for EMC
  • RoHS compliant
  • ISO TS 16949 certification of all production and development centers (Switzerland and China)
Quality products and services: our priority

Based on our deep knowledge of applications and current measurement technologies, LEM develops both catalog and customized products which can be perfectly tailored to meet your needs in terms of performance, space requirement and cost.