GLOBETEK represents world-class manufacturers of test and measurement systems in India. For the past 25 years, Globetek has consistently delivered on its promise of providing state-of-the-art solutions for test and measurement needs in India. Founded by Mr G.Venkatesh, an alumnus of the Indian Institute of Science, Globetek represents companies across USA, Europe and Japan.


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Power Semiconductor Testers

Globetek represents LEMSYS, which is a leading global provider of Test Equipment and associated Services for Power Semiconductor discrete devices and modules.

The product portfolio includes test equipment for IGBT, MOSFET, Power Modules, and Intelligent Power Modules (IPM).

Lemsys Pro AC/DC Family Range

For testing Switching characteristics: up to 600A and up to 1500V. Short-circuit test up to 2500A.

For testing Static characteristics: up to 2000A and up to 10 kV for the static tests.

AC only, DC only and AC-DC versions.

Applicable for production tests as well as device characterisation and laboratory tests.

Adapted for Wafers (DC only), Chip devices, DBC substrates, discrete devices and complex power modules up to 7 legs.


  • Price / Performance ratio
  • Overall adaptability
  • Very low stray inductance: < 35 nH
  • Measurement systems: ≥ 50 MHz
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TRS, TRD and TRDS Equipment Family

The equipment is designed to test IGBTs, MOSFETs and freewheeling Diodes from single chip to complex power modules and IPMs.

High speed and simplicity of use for the production tests.

Characterisation and validation on laboratory mode.

Data transfer facility for quality statistical analyses.

One of the key unique features of the equipment is its ability to make static, dynamic, avalanche and short-circuit tests, on the same test head, without removing or reconnecting the device under test.

Portable Maintenance Tester

Maintenance and Low/Medium production test equipment.

To measure

  • Breakdown voltage VD, VR
  • Leakage current ID, IR
  • Forward voltage drop VF, VT

Suitable for power components: IGBTs, MOSFETs, Diodes, Thyristors…