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FAQs - Hipot Testers

‘Hipot’ is short for ‘high potential’. A Hipot tester performs the electric safety test to a unit/device to test the effectiveness of its insulation.

In this test, a high voltage is directly applied to the said unit/device. The test voltage is usually much higher than the operating voltage to stress test the device’s dielectric properties.

A hipot tester is used to test the effectiveness of a device’s insulation. Hipot testing is used to verify if the finished appliances, transformers, circuit boards, or electric motors have proper electrical insulation.

To be more specific, the hipot test is used to determine whether the ground wall can handle an over-voltage situation. An over-voltage is a voltage higher than the peak operating (line-to-line) voltage of the device under test (DUT).

Yes some of the models come with multiple features like Insulation resistance, ground bond, leakage current measurement along with ac and dc hipot tests.

Yes, you can order the QT enterprise software and use it to control the instrument, store data etc. Instruments comes with RS 232 and GPIB ports.

Yes we have AC hipot testers up to 10kv. Our hipot testers can do a combination of ac and dc hipot tests.

Vitrek hipot testers have the ability to directly control up to four 64 channel HV scanners, right out of the box. That is up to 256 test points and using a PC with Vitrek’s QuickTest Pro software you can expand the count up to 640 test points. The HV Switching System of choice is the Vitrek 964i which can hold eight 8 channel switching cards – available in 7, 10 & 15 KV ratings. The 964i also has switching cards to handle routing up to 40 amp ground bond currents.

Yes we offer various sizes of test enclosures which are specifically designed to work with our hipot testers. We can provide an offer for the same depending on the size of your DUT.


The instrument comes with a factory calibrated NIST certificate. You can get it annually calibrated at any NABL accredited laboratory or send the instrument to Globetek for calibration.

Vitrek testers are very reliable. They are built for continuous and long-lasting use. When maintained well these testers can serve for more than a decade without any issues.

Yes, we have a service lab and also stock the necessary spares and consumables.

You can expect the delivery in three to four weeks.

There is no minimum order as such. You can order a single piece or multiple quantities as per your requirement.

The V7x series is capped at 5kv AC/DC whereas the 95x series can go upto 11kv. Do let us know your requirements or details of your project, and we can help you choose the right one.