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What Temperature Forcing System should I use for semiconductor testing applications?

By KNS Rao

Former Project Director, IRNSS, ISRO

Temperature Forcing Systems

Temperature Forcing Systems for this application are typically more precise and accurate than general-purpose environmental chambers. So, the system you pick should account for the following considerations:

Temperature Range: Use a system that can reach temperatures between -80C to + 200C within the span of a few seconds as this is a very important requirement during characterization.

Ease of use: Use a system that can be easily programmed to simulate the specific temperature conditions that the semiconductor will be exposed to in its intended application. Also it is very important that the systems comes with multiple enclosures and shrouds that can be used across a multitude of applications and board designs.

Compatibility: Use a system that is compatible with the type of semiconductor being tested. For example, some systems are designed for testing discrete transistors, while others are designed for testing integrated circuits. Also ensure that the system has necessary ports that allow remote communication using lab view drivers etc.

Certification: Use a system that is certified by the relevant industry standards. This will help to ensure that the test results are accurate and reliable. The system should have the ability for engineers to calibrate it on the field annually.

Servicing: Ensure that the system provider has a service clause where the a qualified technician will help you when needed. This will help to ensure that the system is operating properly and that the test results are accurate. The system will need preventive maintenance done every year as it will need cleaning of the oil and air filters.

In addition, you also need to evaluate factors such as:

Is the system scalable?

This will allow you to test a variety of semiconductor devices, from small chips to large wafers.

Is it flexible?

This will allow you to test the semiconductor under a variety of conditions, such as different temperatures with user definable ramp and soak times.

Is it easy to use?

This will help to ensure that the test results are accurate and that the system is used efficiently. The system should have capability of DUT control using an external thermocouple to ensure temperature on the DUT is reached and is maintained constantly.

Is it cost-effective?

This will help to ensure that the system is a good investment for your company.

We at Globetek, supply these systems in India, from Intest Thermal. Needless to say, Intest Thermal has developed a range of products that tick all of the above boxes for uses across industries

For semiconductor testing, we recommend the below models for your project. Depending on the accuracy required, you can look at the models below.

ATS 535

This system is an advanced temperature forcing system that can reach temperatures of up to -100°C. It is designed for high-reliability semiconductor testing and is used by leading semiconductor manufacturers.

ATS – 710E-M

This system consumes low power and makes very little noise and can reach temperatures of up to -85°C. It is designed for high-reliability semiconductor testing and is used in lab environments as it is very silent.

Our team of service engineers will help you install, train your team and be available through the week, for any issues you might face during the week.

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