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IC Sockets
IC Socket

What is an IC socket?

An IC socket is a device used to electrically connect an Integrated Circuit (IC) to a printed circuit board to verify the IC’s electrical characteristics and assess its reliability. The socket allows for the repeated insertion and removal of multiple ICs, making it suitable for conducting reliability tests iteratively.

Temperature Forcing System
Thermal Forcing System

What is a Temperature Forcing System?

Temperature forcing systems, often known as thermostream or Air stream systems, offer rapid, precise thermal cycling of electronics, chips and, IC’s as well as semiconductors. These specialized tools are instrumental in the testing and development lifecycle of electronic components and devices. More specifically, a temperature forcing system is a meticulously controlled environment system capable of […]


It’s 2024. As a society, how can we encourage India’s Innovation?

Innovation is the life-blood of “Atmanirbhar” (self-reliance) Bharat. The link between these two is undeniable. Innovations like steam engines and electricity have propelled societies from agrarian to industrial age. Our parents and grandparents have borne witness to this transformative power of ingenuity. While our generation has benefitted from their hard work, it’s now our responsibility […]

Hipot Testers

What is Hipot testing?

‘Hipot’ is short for ‘high potential,’ which interestingly again is short for the more technical term, ‘Dielectric Withstand Test‘. It’s an electric safety test, where a direct application of a high voltage is made to a unit/device to test the effectiveness of its insulation. The test voltage is usually much higher than the operating voltage […]

IC Sockets

How to use IC sockets to prototype new circuit designs?

Prototyping a new circuit design requires several iterations to arrive at the perfect solution. This iterative process is essential to ensure that design is flawless before moving to the production phase. IC sockets play a vital role in semiconductor testing and prototyping by allowing you to insert and remove ICs from a circuit board without soldering them in place. This makes it easy to swap out ICs and test different configurations of the circuit.

Hipot Testers

Why are Vitrek’s hipot testers the most superior in the market?

Since 1990, Vitrek has provided innovative global solutions for high voltage test and measurement including electrical safety compliance testers, multi-point high voltage switching systems and graphical power analyzers. Vitrek is the parent company of several industry related brands, including XiTRON, MTI Instruments, GaGe, Signatec and KineticSystems. Their portfolio of products include test and measurement solutions […]

Temperature Forcing System
Temperature Forcing Systems

What Temperature Forcing System should I use for semiconductor testing applications?

Temperature Forcing Systems for this application are typically more precise and accurate than general-purpose environmental chambers. So, the system you pick should account for the following considerations: Temperature Range: Use a system that can reach temperatures between -80C to + 200C within the span of a few seconds as this is a very important requirement […]